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About Me

My name is Mary El (not Mary, Mary Ellen or Mary-El), and I'm a thirtysomething Singleton living in Washington, DC, with my malti-pom Noli (short for Magnolia), who is a Georgia-Peach-turned-Washingtonian just like me. 

Cupcakes and Shoes is where I share my stories -- sometimes informative, oftentimes embarrassing, ninetypercenttimes entertaining -- along with tips on style, food, home decorating and fun things to do. 

I love hearing from readers, so hit me up if you have questions on blogging, dating, what to do in DC, or whatever else is on your mind. Reader comments, questions and suggestions have fueled some of my best posts! 

I work in communications for the military. (Way more fun than it looks on TV, FYI.) 

While you won't see too many details about my job on here, I am all about sharing tips for success and lessons learned in the workplace. 

I am a BIG believer in doing what you love, but whether that involves your job is up to you. I happen to love what I do in my job, but sometimes the creativity runneth over...which is why I also have an Etsy shop. What I really enjoy doing, though, is home design on a budget. If you need some help refurbishing furniture or figuring out what to do with what you have, I'm happy to help!

Fun facts
  • I'm from Atlanta, Georgia.
  • I'm not a natural redhead.
  • I hate it when people don't get my name right, except when they call me Ariel. 
  • I live in the U Street Corridor with all the gays and hipsters. When I moved to DC, I chose to live there because I thought Dupont was *the* gay neighborhood. I blame my stunted love life on this alone. (But I lurv it so I'll never move to another one.)
  • I hate exercising and I will never run a marathon.
  • Britney Spears follows me on Twitter.
  • I've been a bridesmaid seven times. I have the walk 'n' smile down pat if you're in need of one in your wedding. 

I hope you get a little chuckle and maybe some useful information out of C&S. Thanks for stopping by!