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Review: True&Co

Jul 29, 2014

I can't believe I'm saying this, but have you been outside today? It's a little bit nipply.

That's right, I'm making a boob joke and a weather joke. Because it's 70 degrees in Washington, DC, and this post is about a brassiere box.

Dudes, why are you still reading? Send this post to your wife or girlfriend and move along please.

I tried True&Co a couple of months ago, and like most beauty or fashion boxes, it was a fun experience. You fill out a profile based on your shape and how your bras fit you, and the experts at True&Co determine your size based on your responses.

I wasn't going to divulge my size, but I don't see any way around it. For the record, if you're a dude and still reading this, you're being really pervy right now! Go away!

I was endowed with a full yet proportional bustline. I don't envy women with bustlines that are fuller than what is proportional to their frame, because even with what I have, I find exercise bothersome (yes I'm going to blame that on my boobs today) and bathing suit shopping near impossible. And even if I find a bathing suit that fits, I'm going to get comments like, "Whoa!" and "You need to cover up. You're embarrassing your father." If you have naturally large bosoms, most summertime and cocktail attire is going to make you look suggestive or promiscuous or a bunch of other words that are totally unfair.

I tell you all this because bra shopping has to be the worst of all the kinds of shopping. Without professional help, ladies must try their best to figure out their bra size while also finding a bra that is somewhat comfortable, doesn't show through clothing, and isn't $1,000.

We tend to trust the sales ladies at Victoria's Secret with the pink measuring tapes to tell us what we should be buying, which, through this experience and another I'll share with you next, I learned is a bad idea. We're never going to look like the Victoria's Secret supermodels, so why do we keep buying bras designed for them?

With this in mind, I appreciate True&Co's approach, understanding that many of us have been ill-fitted and spending loads of money on bras meant for someone else with a better body and a lot more money. The questionnaire asks what you think your current size is, how much room you have in your cups, what closure notches you're using, how much skin is hanging over under your arms, and how much space is between the fabric between your cups on the front and your skin. I never considered most of these things, but at the end of the questionnaire I learned that I was probably not the 34D I thought I was -- I was more like a 32DD.

According to my knowledge, that meant that I was an inch tinier around than I thought, and my boobs were an entire cup size larger. This didn't make sense because a lot of my bras felt loose in the cups but tight on the bands. So it should be the opposite, right? Maybe a 36C, one of the most common bra sizes?

Each True&Co box comes with five bras and five panties. I chose three 32DD bras and two 34D ones to try on.

I got this in a 32DD and thought it was too tight in the cups, which is strange because it's up a cup size from what I've been wearing. I actually liked the fit because I felt more supported than usual, but as you can see, it wasn't doing the job.

This was the same bra in nude and in a 34D, except the straps were t-straps instead of your standard over-the-shoulder ones. That feature made me stand up straighter, which was nice, but, even though the size was different, I had the same problem as the other one. 

Out of all the bras, this one fit the best. To my surprise, it was one of the 32DDs! And more to my surprise, the cup seemed too small (note how it cuts in on the side view). 

I love a demi bra because it tends to give me better coverage, but this one was awful! I ordered a 32DD and it was way too small.

I assumed Calvin Klein would be a shoe-in because of the sleek lines and smooth fabrics, but this 34D one cut in the way most of the others did.

I also got five panties, but I don't need to show you those, do I? They each come in a panty book, and if the seal is broken you can't return it. It would be nice if you could try them on, but then again it's nice to know you're not trying on underwear a bunch of other people have worn.  

I didn't keep any of the bras, but I did keep a couple of undies. One of them was free when I tweeted a pic of my box! The box didn't cost me anything, unlike Stitch Fix, which charges a $20 styling fee, so it was really a win win. Like Stitch Fix, I sent back what I didn't want in a pre-postage-paid bag, and I checked out online. Plus, True&Co gives you five days to decide what you want to keep.

So, okay, it didn't work for me the first time, but, as I will explain in my next post, it turns out I've been all wrong on my bra size. I ended up going to a professional bra fitter to find out just exactly what was going on, and now I know True&Co was onto something. In fact, they've loaded up my personal shop with new bras that, based on my feedback, are the size that the professional told me I am! This was without me telling them my size -- all I did was gripe about how everything fit! The prices are totally reasonable, especially if you're used to buying Victoria's Secret bras which are just as expensive.

So what are you waiting for? Give True&Co a try. You've got nothing to lose but those old, ill-fitting bras you needed to get rid of anyway!

Let me know how you like it!

Stitch Fix No. 9: Baby Got Back

Jul 16, 2014

I skipped Stitch Fix last month in an attempt to save money, but then I got a referral credit so I decided to use it. The good news is I have, indeed, been saving money and, in the process, changing my mindset about spending, which has also curtailed how much I go out to eat. The bad news is, when you're not spending as much money going out, you run the risk of sitting on your couch eating a lot of ice cream. And when you're not taking full-body pictures of yourself every month, you forget what you look like in clothes. Can you guess where I'm going with this?

Okay. So this is a ridiculous first world problem. But I'm really disappointed in myself for putting back on half the weight I lost last year, y'all. But man was that Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra amazing. And have you tried Front Porch? Ohmygosh TRY FRONT PORCH. Their slogan is "Southern Goodness". I mean. Come on. And then do lots and lots of squats. Lots of 'em.

And now, it is with great displeasure that I and my behonkis model clothes for you. I'm not crazy about any of the pieces in this month's box, but I love to hear what y'all think! Let me know your thoughts before I have to send back what I don't want on Friday.

I was excited to try this top because I've been looking for a graphic print sleeveless top, and the colors are unlike most other things in my closet. It drapes well without billowing too much, which I've noticed similar tops tend to do. Meaning they make you look pregnant. And by you I mean me. So that's a plus. Alas, I have very few things to pair with this top beyond jeans, which just aren't that practical for summertime in the swamp known as the District of Columbia.

This dress is...umm...sweet. I can't deny that the embroidery on the hemline is lovely. And the color is one of my faves for sure. It's just, um, a little too something I would have worn in high school, I think? I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's just not the best. I could definitely do without the tie on the front. I think if it were a simple keyhole without the tie, and if it had a little more structure, this would be much better. doesn't do amazing things for my bootay.

This was my favorite piece upon opening the box. The fabric is heavier than other blouses, making it feel more on the luxe side. The leopard print isn't overwhelming, and I lurv the hot pink piping around the sleeves. I first tried this with the black skinny jeans I got back in January for my 4th Stitch Fix, when I was 15 pounds less. Oh help me. FIF. TEEN. POUNDS. On the one hand, this is a testament to the jeans that they would even still button. But after stuffing my junk into them, this blouse, which happens to be billowy in the bad way I was referring to earlier, was just not working. So I tried it tucked in with a skirt.

Much, much better, wouldn't you say? Now it looks like the $68 blouse it should. That being said, it bums me out that I can't wear it untucked with pants. I have a lot of work shells that I wear with skirts and blazers, so I'm not in need of anymore. The one thing this top has that others don't, though, is a decent sleeve length, which allows you to go without a blazer or cardigan on the hot, sweaty days of summer, which you'd think would make you lose weight because you're sweating out calories, but no, they don't.

I didn't realize I didn't have any peach tops until I tried this on, and now I'm kind of obsessed. This is one of those tops I would never try on in a store, and that's one of my favorite things about Stitch Fix! Not only is it a great color, it's loaded with subtle details that make it one of my favorite tops I've ever gotten in a box. An Aztec print runs along the neckline; a pleat on the front breaks up the billowy-ness of the blouse; and a keyhole on the back encourages you to wear a side ponytail, which you haven't done in years, and it turns out it's a great look and perfect for summer in the city when the back a yo neck is gettin' dirty and gritty.  

Of all the pieces, I'm most torn about this one. The color is mauve-ier than it looks in the photos, and a little silver ball is at the top of the neckline (look close and you'll see it). The mauve looks kinda outdated, and the silver ball looks cheap. But then there's the lattice and the pleating, and add the dots and you've got some really lovely textures going on. Plus, it fits me like it's custom made. But $74? I don't know...

Now it's your turn to weigh in! And no need to tell me I don't look like I've gained any weight. The two skirts I ripped the back seams out of are proof that it's time for me to break up with Ben, Jerry and Hagen. 

Want to give Stitch Fix a try? Sign up here and remember your $20 styling fee goes toward your purchase! 

Read about my past fixes here:

Zoom a zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

Jul 11, 2014

How many times must I convince myself that no one reads my blog, only to have a dude ask me to pick it up again?

Here's the much as I think I should be over last year's breakup, the truth is that it's been a long, excruciating year of not being over it at all. Well, a year next month. Yikes.

However, lately there's been a change in me. I didn't know what it was at first, but now I think I can safely say I've passed into the acceptance phase of grief. But the transition from depression to acceptance was rocky, and during the transition, and even now, I mostly wanted to be alone, in my apartment, with my Noli and my Netflix. Here's how Noli feels about it:

At first I worried I was conditioning myself into a permanent state of spinster hermitism, but the more I allow myself to just be, the more I realize that my heart is being restored and, in turn, I'm becoming whole again.

This advice from Amy Poehler has brought me a lot of comfort during this whole acceptance thing:

My acupuncturist (so white I know) explained it as a fall and winter of my life. If you go through seasons in life, then in fall things quiet down, it starts to get cold, and you experience loss, like trees losing leaves. And then in winter, you must go through a time of hibernation and even death. But in death there is no pain, and there's quite a bit of peace, actually. If you're a Christian as I am, then you can also draw the parallels to the death of Christ and His following resurrection. With death comes resurrection life, which is buoyant, strong and overcomes death. Pretty powerful!

I'm looking forward to spring, but I'm not quite there. The conundrum is that, being the extreme extrovert I am, I still have a lot to say, but I haven't felt the need to say it. Well, now I want to say it, and it's all piled up in my brain, which is a little daunting. So I'm gonna ease back into this and hopefully get it all out in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for hangin' in here with me.

Talk soon!