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So I joined a competitive karaoke league...

May 27, 2014

DC is a great city for singles because it has endless opportunities to meet new people and do something with your free time other than watching TV. Apparently most people who live here are interested in running, but if you have a gimp foot like I do, you have a few other karaoke!

I was excited to hear about District Karaoke a couple of years ago but disappointed when I found out the weekly competition was on Wednesday nights, the night of a prayer meeting I try to attend. Then I found out the league had expanded to more nights and locations, so I signed up to be a part of Team NKOTB (New Karaoke on the Block) Tuesdays at Policy!

Every Tuesday from 7-9 we compete against five other teams with two solos and one group song. The first week we won with the group song "Africa":

Last week was hilarious when we sang "Summer Girls" by LFO, but we lost:

I burned a lot of calories laughing though, so there's a win in there somewhere.

Some weeks have a theme, like last week, which was "Guilty Pleasures." This week is "Songs Your Dad Likes," and I volunteered to solo for the first time! I chose a song that will hopefully get the crowd excited, which is the point of karaoke, more than how great you can sing, right?

In order to have an element of fairness in the voting, each week teams are paired to compete against each other, and everyone can vote on who wins a round with the District Karaoke app (online -- no need to download). So, regardless of how great a performer is, the winner is the one who has the most support.

Therefore...if you're not busy tonight, you should come to Policy and cheer me on (and vote for me please!)! We get very into it, with costumes, makeup, dance routines and props. Happy hour specials run from 7-9, so if nothing else, come upstairs for a rum punch then step outside on the patio area and enjoy the first days of summer. And then come back in to see me and vote. Yes?

See you there!

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