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Stitch Fix No. 7: Help me decide what to keep!

Apr 25, 2014

Hello lovelies! Can you believe how fast April has gone by? I've been 33 for 23 days now, and I gotta be honest, dear twentysomethings...I'm finding each new year of being a thirtysomething feels better than the last! So if you're worried about your impending 30th birthday, don't. Pick your favorite wine (my current one is Moscato d'Asti) and that's what you are, gettin' better with age. Word.

The end of the month means a new Stitch Fix, and this one has me in a pickle. I kind of like them all! What do I keep? Will you help me choose?

Initially I thought this would be my favorite piece. The poppy and navy are great together, and I love the diagonal chevron stripe. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the sliver-sleeve, which I don't think is a flattering look for anyone's arms, unless they're super toned. But, somehow, this isn't the worst example a hard-to-wear sleeve. Other than that, this top looks like nothing else in my closet and would be great to throw on with jeans for casual afternoon or night out.

This tank is silky soft and hangs nicely. For summertime, this is the perfect top -- airy, light and breezy. My only gripe is the colors. It's not that they're bad, they're just not interesting. If the flowers were poppy like the William Zig-Zag Print Top, it would be more of a statement piece. As it is, I don't know what else I'd wear it with other than jeans, and the colors all blend together instead of contrasting. Head-to-toe navy is not a great look for anyone

Now this is my kind of color! I love anything coral, and I couldn't wait to try on this blouse with the floral shorts I recently bought at J.Crew. I recently paired them with a Tiffany blue shirt, and I can't decide which look I like better. The hem of the blouse has an extra band of fabric, weighing it down slightly so it hangs perfectly. A similar band around the sleeves that cuts upward near the elbow bothered me at first, but the longer I had it on, the more I liked it because it keeps the sleeve right above your elbow as soon as you bend your arm. I was about ready to keep this one, but then I remembered I have a blouse almost exactly like it from Banana Republic:

What do you think? They look so much alike, but I do like the 41Hawthorn one more for a casual look. The Banana Republic blouse is silk -- not something I'd necessarily want to wear to a picnic or a day out in the city (dry cleaning, ugh) -- and the sleeves fall below my elbow at an odd place. I'm constantly pushing them up. Hmm...very tempting...

I keep going back and forth on this dress. I've never seen a neckline like this one, so that's a selling point. I absolutely love ponte in the summertime because it's stretchy and breathes like cotton, but it doesn't wrinkle and adds structure because of its thickness. I think the waist on the dress uses the best qualities of ponte, and I like the little flair in the skirt. In theory it's adorable, but then I look at the back shot and feel like it makes me look wide. 

The moment I saw these jeans I thought, "Are bootcuts coming back?" Then this song popped in my head:

So I guess these aren't exactly bell bottoms, but aren't they somewhat reminiscent of Joey Lauren Adams in Dazed and Confused?

Well anyway, they are super tight and acid washed, so they feel retro to me. I haven't worn boot cut jeans in I don't even remember how long, so I didn't think I'd be into these at all, but they're kind of hot, right? They make me look so slender and tall! I don't really need anymore jeans, but, I dunno y'all...

So? What do you think? Can you help me out? Let me know in the comments below! 

UPDATE: Thank you for all your insightful comments! I decided to keep the jeans, or "magic jeans" as one reader on Instagram called them. :)

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Peace, ya'll.

P.S. If you're single and live in DC, don't forget to enter to win tickets to see Erika Ettin of A Little Nudge at Sixth & I next Monday! Today's the last day, so get to it!


  1. The dress reminds me of something that princess Kate would wear. So yes. And the retro jeans are awesome.

  2. I yes to the awesome poppy chevron top and to the dress. They both are so on trend and you look wonderful in them. The blue multi top is nothing special and since you already have a top that is very similar to the pink top, I'd say no except the top you have already is silk, ergo not too practical. So a maybe on the pink top. Not a fan of acid wash so I vote no on the jeans. My next fixe arrives next Frday and I cannot wait! Promise I will post photos of me in the clothes this time.

  3. I'm normally not a huge fan of chevron, but I really love this one on you! plus, it has one of your fave colors in it! I really like the coral top, but I noticed you already have alot of coral, so maybe not? The dress is really classy, but not the most flattering I've seen on you, and girl - those jeans are HOTTTTTT, and you MUST keep them! Sexy lady!

  4. I was just about to type my comments, and then I realized that Barbara said EXACTLY what I was going to say. So just double her votes, and count one for me. (And add the note that the dress does NOT make you look wide. That's crazy talk.)

  5. Haha I like how you think Shifrah! Why do we feel guilty about stuff like this? I think I'm leaning toward the coral top (with your permission) or the jeans. So torn...feel guilty getting both...

  6. Oh my! If ever there were an argument for an article of clothing, "Princess Kate" would be it! You're very persuasive Bryan!

  7. Yaaaaay for your next fix! I've got to give more thought to the dress now...

  8. Thank you! Ahh! You're right about me having a lot of coral. I recently re-organized my closet by color and...yep...lots of coral! But the jeans, right? Oh my, I feel like a rockstar or something in them. Not often an article of clothing does that to a girl!

  9. Shifrah CombithsFri Apr 25, 11:28:00 AM

    Then get the jeans. They look so good. But only if YOU feel good in them (acid washed and bootlegged and all), because if you don't you won't "wear" them as well, if that makes any sense. Hahah :)

  10. Thanks Julia! It seems people are very yay or very nay on the jeans. Hmm. I'm surprised so many people like the dress so much! It is really cute and it feels great on.

  11. 8littlepaws.wordpress.comFri Apr 25, 07:38:00 PM

    Love the chevron top the most! I like the dress too if it weren't for the zipper buckling. Do you think that's something a seamstress could help with? Jeans look great but if you don't need jeans I would send them back. I would pass on the flowered tank, and I dunno about the coral top...if you didn't have one already I'd say go for it, but that BR one is *really* similar!

    I agree, 30s are much better than 20s!

  12. Yes to 1, 3, and 5! The jeans are fabulous, get them. I don't looove the arm cut on the chevron top but it's not terrible, the colors and pattern are amazing, and it's way better than the tank at least. The blocking on that dress would make anyone look wide, it cuts the body in weird spots. And the elbows of that coral top are too unique to pass up.

    Just my two cents, of course. ;)

  13. As a disclaimer I have really different taste in clothes but here goes nothing...

    1) I think chevrons are overrated and I'm not crazy about the sleeves
    2) I would ditch the grandma floral pattern
    3) I like the cut of this top but I'm not crazy about the coral color (but that's just me because I try to stick to the basics like navy black and white; I don't wear colored tops much unless they are prints)
    4) I do not like this color block dress. The white blends with your skin and makes you look pale.
    5) I only wear dark colored denim and boot cut jeans are not back in style. But I also try to go for a more formal clean look

    So really I would keep nothing... but if I have to choose one number three would be my favorite
    My advice is don't buy anything unless you really love it

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  15. Where did you go? Come back!

  16. Seriously!! Where you at lady? It's been far too long.....

  17. Sorryyyyyyy! I'm back! :)

  18. I knoooooooow. Yeesh! I'm back though. :)