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Spring Fashion Trend: Tea Length Skirts

Apr 18, 2014

Happy Fashion Friday, y'all! The spring fashion trend I'm highlighting this week is one of my favorites, but be careful...tea length is not for everyone and must be paired with heels. If you are below 5'6" or have shorter legs than average but a longer torso, this is probably not the look for you. But don't worry if it's not for you, because you've probably always dated tall guys and "prefer they be at least 6'2"", so everybody wins something here.

(If you're feeling left out and are wondering what hem length works best for you, pop over to my girl Sassy's blog and read her Fashion Friday post on "Your Perfect Hem Length".)

Tea length brings to mind 60s garden parties with full skirts that were amazingly stiff (were they wearing hoop skirts under there?). But tea length doesn't have to be that way. Anthropolgie does them best, in my opinion, but of course they're astronomically priced. (Don't get me started on J.Crew.) If I had a million dollars, I'd get the floral one in the middle.

For a sleek look, H&M offers this elegant dress. I love the double-strap detail. Lindy Bop proves that my grandmothers lived through the best fashion era in the 40s with this polka dot dress. And J.Crew gets in the game with their polka dot version of tea length. (I'll wait till it goes to the factory store though.)

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Forever21 typically doesn't charge this much for a garment (that's almost $25!!!) but when they do, you know it's a special, higher quality piece. The skirt is so flowy and the waistband detailing makes this look stand out from the others. Please note, though, how the model's legs look in flats with the skirt. Kinda wide and stumpy, right? Heels, ladies, heels. ModCloth comes through with that retro fullness, and Ann Taylor keeps it feminine but makes you want to wait for a sale. The good news? They're having a sale today! 40% off your purchase when you enter the promo code "SPRING4IT". That makes this skirt one of the best deals in this post!

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Which one is your favorite?

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