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Spring Fashion Trend: Mesh

Apr 7, 2014

Last week was busy busy busy -- something about spring finally arriving makes me feel like I have a ton to do all of the sudden -- so I've been a little light on blogging. Hopefully the Stitch Fix post made up for that. :) 

I've been having lots of fun with the Style Me Instagram challenge, and #StyleMeApril is in full swing! Make sure to follow me for updates, and please tag me if you're playing along! Here's what I wore last week (check Instagram feed for outfit details):

And now, onward to another spring fashion trend -- Mesh!

Mesh has always felt like it didn't belong in my style repertoire because it's usually used in a hard, edgy way. This season it's incorporated into conservative styles, making them edgy but not over-the-edge, if you know what I mean.  

For a flirtatious looks, try a peplum top with mesh (and please wear a strapless bra). And for a more work-appropriate attire, check out Ann Taylor for all kinds of options, like this top with a subtle mesh detail on the sleeves.

Not all spring dresses have to be colorful. Just look at how interesting this Anthropologie number is -- bet you'll be the only one at brunch wearing it! ModCloth has you covered for a retro, polka-dotted look that would be adorable at work with a colored cardigan and metallic belt. And for a real statement piece, go with Ann Taylor's pencil skirt that looks risque but is totally appropriate!

Perhaps the easiest way to make the mesh statement is with your shoes. You needed electric blue ones anyway, right? 

Do you have any mesh in your wardrobe already? How are you wearing it?


  1. I love the spring apparel, I'm such a pop of color kind of gal.

  2. Me too! I especially love Jessica's blue mesh shoes. What a fun shade of blue!