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March Birchbox Highlights

Apr 16, 2014

March's Birchbox delivered a delightful sample for this long-haired girl, as well as a few other lovelies.

The Big Winners:

1. Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave-In Conditioner

I went through this sample pretty fast because I used it every time I washed my hair, and I have a lot of hair. It definitely works as a detangling leave-in conditioner should, making it easy to brush out my hair after washing it and leaving it soft and diminishing frizz, but the scent is the big selling point on this product. It is, the most, romantic, yummy, scrumptious, long-lasting fragrance, which is amazing for me since my skin doesn't hold scents for long. 

I looked around to see if I could find it cheaper, as I did with my Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner (found at T.J. Maxx for $12 a bottle, down from $40!), but it seems Birchbox is the exclusive seller right now. I've racked up enough Birchbox points to get this for free, so I'm cashing in this month! (You get 10 points for every review you leave, and 100 points = $10 in the Birchbox store.)

Buy at Birchbox for $21.95.

2. Tea Forté Matcha Chai minteas
The tin was quite challenging to open, but this is my new favorite mint. They have other flavors, but I was pretty happy with the Matcha Chai. These mints have organic green tea, herbs and fruit extracts in them, as well as cinnamon. This mint is breath-freshening but also appetite curbing. At 2 calories per mint, I might have to try the other flavors as well.

Get a 3-pack from Birchbox for $9.99, or pick out what you want on the Tea Forte website for $2.24 a tin (free shipping for orders over $50, so you may want to add some tea or other products as well).

The Other Items were:

3. Coola Tinted Matte SPF 30 for Face

Powdery finish but not much coverage, and it can clump if you use too much. $36 for 1.7 oz on Birchbox

4. Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion

Light moisture and clean, spring fragrance. Will be great for summertime when the humidity levels rise, but not so great for dry skin in the wintertime. $16 for 8 oz on Birchbox

5. Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom Fragrance

I love the play on "cherry" and the scent lives up to its name! The cherry blossom fragrance has notes of pink grapefruit, vanilla and musk. It complements the Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle quite nicely! $55 for 50 ml on Birchbox.

6. Ghirardelli Intense Dark Cherry Tango

This was a Birchbox Find, so you can't buy it at Birchbox, but I sure enjoyed my little square! Intense dark chocolate envelops tart cherry nibs and bits of almond. I try to let chocolate melt in my mouth, but I couldn't help myself from chewing this one. The crunch was one of the best parts! If you're one of the lucky few who live in the Bay Area, please send to the East Coast immediately. You can also order it on Ghirardelli's website for $4.35 a bar. 

Want to try Birchbox? For $10 a month, you get five samples of beauty products and often get a "Find" like the chocolate from this month's. Fill out a profile to have your samples tailored to your wants and needs, and cancel your subscription any time. 


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  1. Sarah Wagner (USA Love List)Thu Apr 17, 10:10:00 AM

    I love Coola's sunscreen - it's organic! Yay. The Tea Forte mints are also great. It's hard not to eat the tin in one sitting.