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Fashion Friday: J.Crew Tees

Apr 11, 2014

Happy #FashionFriday y'all! I am so excited about today's post. Call me simple, but I have found the perfect tee and it's been a highlight of my week.

This week J.Crew Factory is having some nice sales, and I snagged two of these Vintage Cotton V-Necks for $20! (2 for $20) They come in a variety of colors, but I stuck with gray and white to keep them versatile in my wardrobe.

I know what you're thinking -- do I really need more t-shirts? Unless you have these, the answer is probably yes. Just look how soft they are. How can you resist?

I'm not a sentimental t-shirt gal, so I only have a couple from years past that I like to keep around for sleeping or painting in. Besides that, my white tees always get discolored after one season, and most of them wouldn't look awesome as an outfit choice. But these are sooooo soft and fit really nicely, so you can pair them with a skirt or just jeans for an effortlessly chic look. 

J.Crew also has a line of Collector Tees that have fun graphic prints on the front. The material is a little different from the Vintage Cotton ones, but they're still soft and comfy, just slightly stiffer. 

They're 30% off this week, which made this seahorse one a splurge, but not an outrageous splurge at $25.55. 

The Collector Tees will obviously look cute with jeans, but I'm going to try to work this into my work wardrobe most of the time. Tis the season to experiment with colors, and look how cute it is with my J.Crew mint pencil skirt!

All of these tees will give me plenty of room to play around with color and accessories, and they don't lose their shape quickly like some other tees do. I am sure I'll be wearing these a lot this year!

Note: I couldn't find these on the J.Crew Factory website, but check out the Collector Tees they do have listed there, and, if you're close to outlets, make a trip this weekend while the sale is going on. I promise you'll love them!


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