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The Most Influential TV Theme Songs of My Formative Years

Mar 20, 2014

It's Throwback Thursday y'all! What better way to celebrate than reminisce about your favorite TV shows from yesteryear?

Giving hope to us kids in non-broken homes that,  if our parents should get a divorce, we could one day be forced to live with popular hot guys.

The kids' version of "LOST," basically. There's no naturally explainable way that Baloo could still be around -- and evolved to wearing clothes -- since The Jungle Book. And they're on an the twist that "LOST" didn't capitalize on: The humans have turned into animals!

We all wanted to swim in a money pool in a cute pink/black striped one-piece. Okay...bikini. I was convinced I had a very, very rich uncle somewhere and it was just a matter of time before I moved into his mansion.

This show may be where my lifelong desire to live in San Francisco stems from. DJ had the best hair and the coolest name. Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey were the best uncles ever, except for Scrooge Money Pool McDuck. Thanks a lot, Jodi Sweetin, for ruining all of our childhoods later on with your drug/marriage addictions. P.S. Did y'all know Candace Cameron is on "Dancing with the Stars" this season? I'll be watching!

I wasn't allowed to watch "Beverly Hills, 90210", so I'm not sure how I got away with "The Heights." Fun fact: It's the only show to have a No. 1 Billboard hit to be cancelled. Jamie Walters. So dreamy. (Well...was. Things look a lot different when you're on the cusp of 33 -- which is probably how old Jamie Walters was when this show was cancelled.)

This was banned so clearly I snuck it every chance I got...which was about three episodes. I caught up after college when I moved home for my first bought of unemployment and my parents had the SOAP network. I'd like to mention here that they did not get cable until I went to college. Life is so unfair.

Anyway, I absolutely expected high school to be like this. I was Brenda, and my Dylan was out there somewhere. Except he was not. And I was too afraid to get bangs after my traumatizing bangs/bob hairstyle in the 3rd grade. So high school ended up being more like "My So-Called Life" except I never found my school's boiler room so I just joined newspaper instead. Oh my gosh I was ANDREA.

I was pretty sure I would be an actress when I grew up, and probably a singing one at that, so Jem was one of my greatest role models. Those Misfits were such Mean Girls, ugh! But Jem's pink hair and high-tech jewelry always kept her on top. I had a Jem doll that was about twice the size of my Barbies, but she was my favorite. This may explain why I prefer to be tall and have big, bright hair and lots of accessories.

I would race home from the bus stop every afternoon to catch "Tiny Toons" at 3:30 p.m. So many great episodes! The one where they stop the whale poaching is my favorite. I still know every, single word, y'all. It's amazing what information our brains retain. Take that Lumosity.

It's where I learned the word "usunder." Haven't used it since, but still, it was educational. Also Quinn was hot. Amiright?! Fun fact: Ted Turner came up with this idea. I wonder who came up with the idea of "Heart" being a power. It was the dumbest of the powers, in my opinion.

Am I missing any?


  1. D-d-d-danger lurks behind you. There's a stranger out to find you! Eew that's creepy.