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Stitch Fix No. 6 - Spring is Here! (albeit fashionably late...)

Mar 31, 2014

Spring is heeeeeeere y'all!!! We in DC had what looks like the final snowfall of Winter 2013/2014. I lost my tights that day anyway, in protest. It was pretty chilly. 

Onward to sleeveless tops, lightweight dresses and sandals!

loved loved loved this fix. My stylist this time was Jacqueline, who let me know she read all my feedback from my past fixes, and it shows. If payday had come sooner I probably would have kept everything for the first time ever (you get a 25% discount on your order when you do). 

One thing I really liked about this fix is a lot of the pieces went together, so I had instant outfits. The first one I tried on was this red cardigan and skinny jeans.

I wish I'd gotten the cardigan in one of my winter fixes, because it was so cozy but looked cool and had a nice shape.

The skinny jeans fit like a glove -- except I felt like a had a bit of a bubble but in them -- but generally I felt the same was as I did with the cardi; if they'd come one or two fixes ago I probably would have kept them. They were much longer than what I've been able to find since I went down three sizes (#tallgirlproblems), but with the warm weather coming up, I will be avoiding jeans!

I am crazy about this outfit! It reminds me of an updated Mad Men look, with the bow on the top and the mid-length pencil skirt.

I liked the material and fit of the top a lot, but the sleeves were cut a little deep in the back so my bra straps were peeking out. I would get tired of adjusting them all day if I wore this.

This midi skirt is so cool! The green geo print is so unusual, the length is sophisticated and the fabric is comfortable and light. I kept this one since it's a statement piece yet super easy to wear. 

The fifth piece was this adorable dress. It reminded me of Jaqueline Kennedy when she was First Lady. A dropped waist is difficult to pull off, though, especially for us curvy girls. I consulted Sassy Marmalade and she agreed that it was crushworthy but made for someone, er, a little less chestially endowed than I. She also mentioned that it would look better if the coral block went all the way around the dress, a very good point.

At $108, it wasn't worth the analyzing, which would have continued every time I put it on. Besides, I'd have to suck in my stomach all day long, and that would get old!

Want to give it a try? Sign up here and remember your $20 styling fee goes toward your purchase! 

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P.S. Style Me April starts tomorrow! Join the Instagram challenge by following the fashion rules below and tagging #stylemeapril. Everyone's a winner and you'll be amazed at what new outfits you find just by shopping your own closet. ;)

Hooray for no more tights!


  1. Hooray for no more tights! I'm digging that cardigan/jacket. I love the shape of it. The dress is cute as well! I skipped this month so my next box will be in May!

  2. It seems I kept the piece that is least liked by everyone -- whoops! Can't wait to see what you get!

  3. You are too cute and I'm so glad you've joined us for the Style Me challenge, love! with grace & gumption, Hilary