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Spring Fashion Trend: Pleats

Mar 21, 2014

It's #FashionFriday! (I think that's a thing.) After posting about gingham being a Spring 2014 Fashion Trend, I realized there are so many more trends I'm excited about. And guess what else? Dean Street Society's Style Me Challenge is back! I participated two summers ago and noticed it dropped of the interwebs that fall. Looks like it was popular enough to make a comeback though. Even though it's the tail end of the month, it's a fine time to join the fun. If you post, make sure to tag me (@cupcakesdcpix) -- I'd love to see how you're inspired! (Bonus points if you work in a Spring Trend!)

And now onto the next trend...Pleats!
Pleats were originally meant to give you extra space in your clothes, but they have the ability to create such interesting illusions that they're often used purely for stylistic purposes. This season you'll see pleats in just about every type of clothing, adding a flirtatiously classy element to your wardrobe.

Pleated skirts look beautifully retro and remind me of my grandmothers' era of perfectly coiffed hair and red lips. Keep your tops simple so the focus stays where it should -- your legs! These skirts work for any body shape and will cause spontaneous shwishing when the weather is nice.

What's better than a pleated skirt? Pleats from head to toe! (Or knee, if your dress is short.) ModCloth's party dress evokes "The Great Gatsby" and can go from day to night in mint. Anthropologie's maxi is perfect for evening outings in the city after spending a week at the beach. And J.Crew Factory is channeling our grandmothers in this sweet dress that you should spice up with some red heels.

I love shorts, and I feel like I might be in the minority on this. With this season's bright colors and varying lengths, how can you resist? Yes, pleats on pants can be tricky, but it's worth a try.

You may not wear these skirts to work, but I'm sure you can find ample opportunity elsewhere. Wear an airy blouse or lightweight tank and you've got a great casual outfit that is so much better than jeans.

These tops are work/date/everything appropriate. Replace your basic white blouse -- you're never getting that stain out so you need to anyway!

What's your favorite way to wear pleats?

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  1. Barbara Kelley FrankFri Mar 21, 10:35:00 AM

    Mary El: Of course you love shorts as you have awesome legs! A no brainer for you. I love the pleated skirts and as I love to wear skirts (even as someone who doesn't have to dress for work anymore) I will investigate these. BTW, I am very grateful that you include where these clothes can be purchased. Thank you!