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Happy Birthday Mariah!

Mar 27, 2014

Slacker Radio sent me a birthday reminder for Mariah Carey a couple of days ago -- not sure why because it's today, not a few days ago, but anyway, she's 43 44 (updated 3/28: her Google bio hadn't yet updated, whoopsies) and I instinctively thought they'd spelled my name wrong.

I was first introduced to Mariah with her song "Emotions". We didn't have cable so whenever I visited my grandparents I'd binge on MTV so I'd be able to talk about stuff with the popular kids at school. When I heard Mariah, however, I stopped worrying so much about being cool and became entranced with her perfect pitch and amazing range. I sang "Emotions" over and over until I could hit the highest high notes. My poor parents must have been quite concerned with why and how much I was screeching, but I guess that's why I was told to go the basement a lot. Sadly, my burgeoning singing career was cut short when I got a cold and pushed through for the sake of singing practice, damaging my vocal chords. To this day, I can only go so high before I completely lose my voice, and once I get a few notes above that I've got it back. Impressive? Yes. Maybe. But it's not conducive for a singing career. And hence why I'm not a singer.

In celebration of the pop star who once choked on one of her curls in the middle of a concert, here's a comprehensive playlist of all her U.S. singles in order of release. They take you from the beginning to the Tommy Mottola years to Nick and the babies and all the way to the song she did with Miguel that you weren't aware of. Try not to sing too loudly at your desk.

I'll be there...

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