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DIY Deodorant (Don't try this on your first week at your new job)

Mar 12, 2014

I know I promised y'all another story from my weekend, but I'm a tad swamped and those stories take a long time to write. I'll fill you in this week though, don't worry!

A couple of weeks ago I watched a Huffington Post video on not washing your hair. I was morbidly interested in seeing how nasty this girl was going to look, as I tried not washing my hair for a while but instead used cleansing conditioner, and it was super gross.

In the video, this other chick talks about how she quit using deodorant too because the chemicals were toxic and making it at home is way easy and better for you and the environment and all that jazz. She mentioned that after using her homemade version for a while, store-bought deodorant smelled bad to her. That sounded like a fun experiment so I looked up a recipe and ordered stuff on Amazon pronto.

First, here's how you make it.

You'll Need:
6 tbsp Baking Soda
2 tbsp Shea Butter
3 tbsp Coconut Oil
A few drops of Essential Oil of your choice (for fragrance -- I chose lavender)

I have to say here that shea butter is expensive as is coconut oil, and as is essential oil for that matter. Really the only thing that's not expensive is baking soda. So you'd expect a super luxurious deodorant that better blow your socks off...or I guess the point is to mask your body odor so that wouldn't happen...anywho, check out this shea butter! It's really thick and was basically solid, not what I imagined shea butter would look.

The recipe is pretty simple from here on out. You just put all the ingredients in a glass mason jar. 

Then you boil water and place the mason jar in your pot until it all melts.

Turn off your heat and take the mason jar out of the water once it's all melted. It will be somewhat separated.

Shake it up so it looks like this.

Let it cool and then pour it into a mold. I just used my old deodorant bottle. (Bottle? Dispenser? Not really sure.) You can put it in any mold though, really. An easy one is a muffin tin, but probably put liner cups in first. I like the deodorant bottle because you can twist the thingy and also not feel like a complete hippie.

Once you pour it in, give it about a day to solidify. I got worried I did something wrong when it was still really liquidy a couple of hours later, so I added a bunch more baking soda and then a bunch of baby powder before I poured it in the bottle. But, uh, if it weren't still liquidy, you wouldn't be able to pour it into the bottle bad. 

Since I was out of deodorant, hence the empty bottle, I had no choice but to use the homemade stuff. And it happened to be my first week at my new job. And I did that Dating in the District panel. And I had a wedding that weekend where I danced like it was my job and I was a professional. So basically I put it to the test with lots of stress-sweating and dance-sweating. 

It wasn't my brightest idea.

It smelled nice, but it was really grainy from all the baking soda. I also didn't have enough coconut oil, so who knows. Maybe that would have made it smoother. It also felt wet. I compared the texture to a bit of the evil deodorant that was left in the bottle, and it was about the same, just grainier, so I decided I was being too sensitive. But it was also yellow because of the shea butter, not that nice creamy color in the recipe I used. I wore a white tank top one day and it was all yellowed afterwards, and not because of my stress sweat, which was really gross y'all! I started putting baby powder in my armpits on top of the deodorant to help absorb some of the wetness. It was okay. I became increasingly concerned that this would not be sustainable once summer hit. 

My mother came for a visit in the middle of all this, and when I told her all about it, she pointed out, "Well that's nice for a deodorant, but what about your antiperspirant?"

Ohhhhhhhh right. That's why you buy the evil chemically stuff. 

Sadly, my homemade, ridiculously expensive deodorant is missing in action. I think my mom threw it out. That or she stole it. But I'm guessing she didn't steal it. I haven't gone to CVS to replace it yet. So, um, I should probably do that.
I tried, y'all!


  1. Props to you for trying!! I went to aluminum free deodorant a few years ago. It was really frustrating at first because it takes longer to dry, and it takes a few weeks for your body to adjust - I guess it's detoxing - who knows. Anyway, aluminum free totally solves the pit stain issue. I mean, if you sweat, you still sweat, but you aren't laboring over getting pit sweat stains out of shirts anymore. It's a FABULOUS clothes saver. I've used Toms of Maine, Kiss my Face, and most recently Desert Essence. DE has a tea tree oil deodorant that I'm really liking, but all of them have to be reapplied if you're going heavy duty activity. General work/lounge days, not so much. I've been much happier after switching, but I'm not brave enough to go homemade! If you need a secondary usage for that lavender bottle, I use lavender too! For lots and lots of things. It's fabulous.

  2. I am trying this recipe this week!! Thanks for sharing xoxo!

  3. Let me know how yours turns out! I found mine finally (it pays to unpack after a trip), and I think I've got to find another purpose for it. I had no idea how sweaty I am.

  4. That's interesting about the sweat stains! I don't like the fact that I sweat so much now, though. Do you have that problem?

  5. I'm a sweat-er. *Sigh*. Especially when it's humid. (Or when we hit 110+ temps in TX). But you know what? I sweat WAY less after switching. It was literally 5-6 weeks for my body to adjust though. You just have to stick with it if you switch.