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Highlights from Project Love Webinar

Feb 12, 2014

Last night, dating expert David Wygant held a webinar to introduce his month-long crash-coaching session, "Project Love". He reinforced many of the same messages from the blogger hangout I hosted last month, but he said a few specific things I want to share with you.

I know it's going to be really uncomfortable for you to sit in a restaurant and not stare at Facebook posts. I know it will be uncomfortable to wait for your friend to arrive and just sit there. It will be just like the '90s again! I don't want you to have conversations with friends who aren't in the same place as you. I want you to open up.

Have a friend take a video of you sitting at a bar or coffee shop for five minutes to see how open you are. A lot of women think they're open, but let me tell you -- you're not. By looking at the video, you'll see your body language and find out how open you really are.

What's important to him? Learn about him through trial and error.

There's no reason to date down. Date somebody who's great, who's your equal. Equally as fun. Equally as sharp.

Present your story in a positive way. How have you grown from your experiences? What have you learned?

When a man doesn't go in for a kiss, you start thinking, What happened? But women don't always give the signs that he can go for it. Give him a casual little touch. When you go to the bathroom, whisper in his ear, "I'll be right back," so he can smell your perfume. Lean in when he talks.

And my favorite (I asked this question because online dating is killin' me, y'all):



  1. Love the last tip, I'm going to use that on someone soon!

  2. Great tip, right?! I haven't used it yet but I fully intend to.