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Highlights from Dating in the District Panel

Feb 27, 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Georgetown Public Library for the Dating in the District panel discussion last night! We had an absolute blast! The room filled up and they kept bringing in chairs until eventually people just had to stand. I was floored. And it wasn't all girls, either. CNN even showed up!

Speaking with me on the panel were:

Lots of funny stories were told, but some great dating tips (particularly online dating tips) were shared as well. I made a case for eating dinner on a date, but Erika made a good point: 

The general consensus is that guys should still pay for the first date. I threw out what we'd talked about on my blog a few months ago, how girls should offer to pay as a sign of gratitude. The jury is still out on this. So I think our safest bet, ladies, is to continue to offer. 

I found myself in a conundrum with this a couple of months ago, where the guy took me to The Gibson on our first date, one of the priciest drink places you could go. We each got two drinks, running each of us close to $30. I reached for my purse and he never stopped me. I was turned off by this, but I'd had a great time with him so I decided to accept his request for a second date. After dinner than night, I did not reach for my purse, and I never heard from him again. Probably should have followed up with a text or something, but I thanked him two or three times afterwards in person. Oh who knows...

Valeria made a good point that I really appreciated. Sure, we Singletons may go out on a lot of bad dates, or dates that go nowhere, but we sure do meet some interesting people! Is DC a good place for Singletons, then? We all decided that that answer is up to you, the dater. 

So many people came up to me afterwards and thanked me for my advice. This all just eggs me on to write more about dating, which I know makes a lot of you happy. The big drawback to being a dating blogger, though, is not that prospective dates might read your stuff. It's that you get frequently beat up by Anons. It didn't take long after the panel for that to happen in the form of a Craigslist Missed Connection.

I think this beating might be worth it. :)

Go forth and date, Single People!


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  2. You? On a dating panel? Looking as pretty as you are? ...Must be doing something wrong. I can sum it up without a CNN Panel/Crowd. People: Be open minded, be straight up, don't play games, and don't be 33 and on tinder/dating websites or else you are more than likely doing something wrong. *Tips hat*

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