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Be a Good Girlfriend This Valentine's Day

Feb 3, 2014

I felt like such an imposter/poseur last year when I was coupled up for V-Day.

I'm not saying it wasn't nice to receive flowers at work. It's just that when they arrived, I swear all the girls around me breathed a sigh of relief to see I hadn't been left out and simultaneously felt sorry for me when they realized I had the smallest bouquet of anyone in our office.

I mean, the fact that I'm even writing this feels extremely petty and shallow. I got flowers! At work! That's amazing! The only other time that's happened to me, I got two single roses (ooooooo mysterious) from my friend, Megan, and the card read: "These are to make everyone in your office think some awesome man sent you flowers!" But, sadly, those were vastly more exciting to me than the ones from last year.


Because the majority of my Valentine's Days have been spent as a Singleton, and I can't help but associate my girlfriends with V-Day more than dudes. Girls are the ones that appreciate it all the most anyway, right?

(What you're thinking right now: Mary El is never getting flowers at work again. Ever.)

Anyway...if you're feeling like you might be sad on the 14th, I give you permission not to be. Instead, send valentines to your girlfriends! I, personally, am better about sending valentines than holiday cards -- and I have a tall stack of non-addressed holiday cards to prove it (whoopsies).

I opted to make my own valentines this year because I signed up for a valentines exchange via Hey Love Designs, and in the spirit of her blog, I wanted to do something original. I'll be sending valentines to three ladies I've never met -- how fun is this?! Some of us still remember having pen pals from summer camp or mail chains that would go around the world, and oh how fun it was to receive a piece of mail from someone! Anyone! I'm super excited to receive more valentines than usual this year.

Even if you're not into DIY, options abound if you want to send valentines! Here are some of my favorites:

Sending Love Valentine Postcards 

Since postage rates keep increasing, sending postcards is a smart alternative and also makes you less daunted by the task of coming up with an original message for each card. Plus, who doesn't want to get a mailman/cupid in their mailbox?
  • By Rifle Paper Co.
  • Buy at Paper Source
  • $13.50 
  • 10 postcards

Valentine's Mailing Set

These are great for the DIY-wannabe. I don't mean it like that...just that a lot of us want to DIY but don't have the time, patience or creativity to do it well. And that's okay! But this way your valentines will still be personalized with your stamp (harhar) of creativity, and even if you decide not to embellish them much, they're still so cute and retro that you'll have a blast sending them.
  • By Cavallini
  • $24.95
  • 24 assorted cards, 3 rubber stamps, red stamp pad, 100 assorted labels 

Assorted Ephemera Valentines Boxed Cards

If I were going to send pre-made valentines this year, I'd probably choose these. I've been looking for true vintage-inspired valentines for a few years now, and these nail it. 
  • By The Kirshner Decorative Arts Collection
  • Buy at Barnes & Noble
  • $6.95
  • 24 assorted cards
Personalized Valentine Cards

There are a lot of personalized cards to choose from out there on the interwebs, but this one is my favorite because of its simplicity and prettiness. The gold lettering gives it a Kate Spade feel, and these are great if you are short on time but still want to send out valentines. 
  • By Preppy Prodigy
  • Buy at Etsy
  • $12.50
  • 8 personalized cards with your choice of red, fuchsia or soft white envelope

Vellum Set of Valentine Cards

I think watercolor art is so romantic -- or in this case, rotic (that's "romantic" without the man) -- and each of these has a punny message. Bonus: they come with matching floral envelopes. Super cute for your girlfriends!
  • By and buy at Rugtong & Co.
  • $16.97
  • 12 assorted cards, 12 floral designer envelopes
So...will you be sending out valentines this year now? Here's a final push if you're on the fence...

Check out this year's Love stamps!

I can you resist???



  1. Love this! I made my own Valentine's last year and loved it. When one of my girlfriends reminded me last week that mine was the only Valentine she got last year, I knew I definitely had to do it again!

  2. I love this! I am torn between buying adorable cards and making them so this year I'm doing both. I think the hearts with the arrows floating around is my favorite card in your roundup. So glad you're joining in on the snail mail exchange :)

  3. those "sending my love" postcards are ADORABLE!!! love this!

  4. We need to bring this back into mainstream! Exchanging valentines isn't just for elementary school kids.

  5. I made 25 and I still feel like it's not enough! haha

  6. I know!!! On that should send me your addy...