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Tiny Space Solution: Coat Hanging Station

Jan 23, 2014

All winter long I've been using my dining room chairs as my coat holders. I actually do have a coat closet, but because my cabinet space is so limited, I use it as a pantry. 

I should probably just take 10 more steps and hang up my coat in my bedroom closet, but, ugh, it's just so far. Plus, I don't always want guests walking through my bedroom, but they need a place to put their things. 

I thought about getting a coat rack but changed my mind when the only nice looking ones I could find cost a lot more than what I wanted to spend. Besides, the only good place for a coat rack would be on the far end of my living room -- not as ideal as something in the entryway. 

So, instead of buying something new, I spent some time thinking about what would work with what I already have...and I realized what I already have is way better than a coat rack!

Lately I've been trying to find ways to cover up wall eyesores, like this fuse box, in creative ways. My landlord won't let me paint, so I like to use art, photos and pretty wall hangings to bring color into my space.

My friend L gave me a gift card to World Market after I hosted a baby shower for her last year, and I spent it on a bunch of these ceramic hooks. I wasn't sure how I would use them, but they were too cute to pass up! At $1.99 each, I grabbed 10 of them for future projects. I chose to use these four based on the colors in my living room -- blues and purples. 

I used long wood screws to secure these in the drywall. Since the hooks won't be holding a lot of weight, the screws should suffice. With the help of my favorite power tool -- the power drill -- the screws are tight and the hooks were ready to go in about five minutes.

I recently moved around some of my wall art, and this original oil painting of the Moulin Rouge no longer had a home. After I got the hooks in, it dawned on me that the entryway would be a great spot for it, not only to add color to the wall but also to draw attention to it. I love walking into my apartment now and noticing this before anything else. It will act as an invitation to guests to hang their coat or purse there, and it's one of my favorite conversational art pieces.

My parents gave me this painting for my birthday the year after I went to Paris, and consequently Moulin Rouge was my favorite movie at the time (and one of my favorites still!). Although the area of town where the Moulin Rouge sits can look dirty and drab at times, the colors and technique in this painting capture a bright, bustling day. 

I'm so happy to be finally using this space, and it adds a warm, rich element to my apartment. It only took about 15 minutes to assemble, and I extra love it because it didn't cost me a cent! 


  1. i love this! so clever and way cute. (and, my!, the quality of those pictures is amazing :D)

  2. Why thank you! (I'm in lurv with my digital SLR! Should have invested in it years ago!

  3. Ohh, very nice! I love functional entryways. It's too much work to put a coat away in a closet (even if it's next to my front door - that's another door I have to open!). I have a similar set up by my front door to easily hang my coats. I love the hooks!

  4. Thanks! It's such a simple concept, can't believe I didn't think of it before!