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Take a break and watch "The Power of Vulnerability"

Jan 31, 2014

One of the reasons I love Netflix so much is the variety of programming it offers. I grew up on NOVA and National Geographic specials (didn't realize till high school how nerdy this was), and to this day I get more excited about watching a documentary than a movie. (But more excited about 30 Rock than anything.)

Lately, if it weren't for Netflix now offering every TED Talk (I sure looks that way), I'd probably only watch 30 Rock every night since most of my TV shows are on breaks. I love TED Talks because they're short and there's some little nugget in each one that will teach/enlighten you about something. So in the middle of my 30 Rock marathons, I like to throw one or two of these educational jewels in there.

I came across Brené Brown's "The Power of Vulnerability" a couple of weeks ago. Halfway in I realized I'd seen it before, but I was so fascinated by her message that I continued watching, and I've re-watched it twice since.

Maybe it's because I'm older, maybe it's because I recently went through a break-up, maybe a lot of things...but for whatever reason, this didn't impact me whenever I watched it before as it has now.

Because I keep telling girlfriend after girlfriend to watch this immediately, I thought it was worthwhile to share it with all of you! This one's a little longer than your typical TED Talk, but at 20 minutes, it's a nice break and will teach you some things about yourself.

Have a great weekend, lovelies. :)

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  1. There's more?! I'm definitely watching it. Thanks for the tip!