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Stitch Fix No. 4: San Francisco, we have a problem

Jan 22, 2014

After my last Stitch Fix, I was hoping the lack of true winter clothes was just a misunderstanding. So, for Stitch Fix No. 4, I again emphasized that I wanted winter clothes that I could wear on dates (even if I'm not going on any, I'd like to know I have options, y'all). A couple of days before Snowlar Vortex, it arrived. Here's what I got:

1) First of all, please note my fancy pictures -- no phone involved! A couple of you commented recently that I need a better camera, and you were right. It was the push I needed to get a digital SLR, which I've been yearning for since my 35mm SLR became obsolete a few years back. Watch out Courtney Kerr!

Full disclosure: I was obsessed with this skirt the moment I put it on. It's pretty tight but stretchy, and the horizontal stripes are surprisingly flattering, highlighting my curves and hiding flaws. I like my pencil skirts structured instead of just having a couple of pieces of fabric sewn together, so I appreciated the extra seams and band at the waist. And the zipper is always a nice touch.

No question about it -- it's a keeper!

2) The more I look at the photos of this top, the more I like it. However, I was disappointed that it was a jersey knit, quite the summery fabric. If it were spring, I would have considered keeping this one, as I don't have any bright pink pieces like this in my wardrobe, and the longer sleeves make the top work appropriate, but it could be casual as well. Details like the little v-neck and the pin-tucking in the back made it much nicer than a basic tee, but it was just as comfortable as one.

3) This was the only true winter piece in this fix, in my opinion. But...ugh...what a drab cardigan! Sure, the concept is cute, but mud brown on black? If it were any other color it would be appealing, but with my skin tone, this completely washes me out, and in the dead of winter I'm at my palest of the year. Also, the fabric was mainly viscose and rabbit hair, so it was pretty itchy.

When I filled out my style profile, I noted that brown is a color I do not wear, so at this point I knew I had an email to write. Boo.

4) I've been wanting black cigarette pants for work and as a dressier option for dates, so I think the stylist was trying to give me that in these jeggings. They look great, right? But guuuuuurrrrrrrl they were tight. It was a workout trying to get these on, and even the foot holes were challenging. In high school I would have put in this kind of effort for pants that looked this good, but not in my 30s. I'll stick to my black skinny jeans to achieve this look.

5) Gold hoops are timeless, and the little beads make these a little more special than generic hoops. I love the hooks on them, too, since the hoops I usually wear go straight in and sometimes go too far and stretch my ear. These earrings were soooo pretty, but I couldn't see spending $42 on them. Maybe an amazing statement necklace would be worth that, but not gold hoops. However, if I hadn't loved the skirt, I probably would have gotten these so as not to lose the $20 credit.

I felt like I had been clear about what I was looking for in this fix, and not only that, a Stitch Fix rep read my last blog post and wrote me to apologize. So it was time to take it a step further.

I emailed Stitch Fix customer service to find out what was going on. A rep wrote back and told me the pieces they have coming in are mostly spring. Ahh. The fashion cycle is always ahead of where we actually are. I guess that's necessary for the fashion industry, but for real life? It doesn't make as much sense. She gave me a $20 credit and recommended I link my Style Pinterest board to my profile, which I think is a great idea.

Overall I am still happy with the Stitch Fix service, but I'm wondering if it works better during warm months. I have to say, even though the majority of the items in the last two fixes haven't been hits, there's been at least one piece in each that I loved.

Want to give it a try? Sign up here and remember your $20 styling fee goes toward your purchase! 

Until next time, lovelies...


  1. Love the skirt, jeggings & hoops! Gah, maybe I will try the damn thing.

  2. DO IT!!! It's so much fun. Even with the ugly sweater, I still had a blast getting the package and trying on everything.

  3. Meg Godwin HolcombWed Jan 22, 11:27:00 AM

    Cute shoes!!!

  4. Ohhhh, I definitely dig the striped skirt and the cigarette pants suit you well! And good job with the pics! The lighting is crazy awesome and of course your living room decor is a nice background :)

  5. The black ones with the jeggings? They were a splurge pair and I LOVE them! Tallest ones I own.

  6. Huge compliment coming from you! I'm learning...

  7. That's how I learned! Aside from 1 photography class in middle school, I learned just from busting out my camera and experimenting. :)

  8. wait a second, you're returning the polka dot cardi?? I know you HATE black and brown together, but I think you could totally add a really cute chambray button down top under it and wear it unbuttoned with a cool gold statement necklace, some skinny jeans and cute flats. See pic for inspiration, even though it's not a button down cardi.

  9. That actually looks really cute Margaret! I don't mind black with brown like I used to, but this was really drab. Maybe if it had been a sweater it wouldn't have felt so dowdy.