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Mortal Enemies: Noli and the Snowlar Vortex

Jan 28, 2014

Back in late 2009 when Snowmageddon hit DC, you'd think we'd never seen snow before. To be fair, with DC being such a transient place, many of us hadn't, or at least to that extent. 

I remember fondly the speculation of what was coming the few days beforehand. We went into panic mode, buying up all kinds of foodstuffs and emailing ourselves important documents so we could *airquotes* work from home

When the snow finally began to softly fall, fulfilling the long awaited (3-5 days) prophesy, we couldn't help but stop and stare, spellbound, at the glorious, heavenly flakes. Even Noli was excited!

That night, with the smell of chili and mulled wine still lingering in the air of our apartments, we slept peacefully, since OPM had already closed the government (now they wait until 5 a.m.-ish). In the morning, we were as schoolchildren again, eager to go out and play with the other kids.

Noli happily ventured outside to discover her giant bathroom was covered with cold white stuff. If it weren't for her sweater, we might have lost her! She bounded over the hills of snow and tinkled every few steps, as if all the dogs had invented a new game and she was determined to win. 

As the week -- and snow -- went on, snow day after snow day, we took the opportunity to ditch work (if no one was working then no one was missing us, right?) and play. After the first epic snow ball fight that will live in infamy, we realized we should get off the streets and made our way to Meridian Hill Park.

It was quite a hike in 2-3 feet of snow, but oh what fun we had!

It's amazing how much older you can feel in a matter of four years. 

In our defense, Snowlar Vortex was a little different. Namely, it was cold as whatever the opposite of hell is. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/@dccyndi
When the snow began to fall, I was working away and barely noticed it. OPM had shut us down at 5 a.m.-ish, so I'd awakened at the typical time, which, coming off a 3-day weekend, is rough

I didn't have much food in my apartment and I had too much work to do to brave the grocery store (because if everyone else is working then I have to too), so I made French toast and called it a day. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/@ashleighgrant
Noli was less than thrilled this time around. "Noli! We're going to see the snow!" I squealed that evening, trying to get her excited. But, with that 6th dog sense thing she's finely tuned since last time, she seemed to know exactly what I was talking about and exactly how miserable we were both about to be. We took a few steps outside, and she looked at me like Are you crazy? then eyed the building entrance until I finally agreed to go back inside. 

Then, right in front of the door, she squatted. Passers-by noticed, and she simply stared them down, daring them to protest. 

That night, as the city lay quiet under a blanket of snow, I buckled under the chill and finally turned on the heat. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/@meganjhoffman
The next day we got a two-hour delay, but I had gotten sick from the 10 seconds of being outside the night before, so I stayed home again. The snow had stopped in the morning, but the temperature had dropped further. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/@ellieintheocean365
I put Noli's sweater on her, and she struggled against me. In the hallway, she did her sideways crab walk, which is what she does when she lets me know she hates her outfit. ??? After all these years? You hate your sweater now? I thought. Eventually, she wouldn't walk any further, so I had to remove the sweater. Bad move on my part.

This is what normal, non-neurotic-princess dogs do with snow:

Photo Caption: Instagram/@districtsparkle
But Noli, after darting out three steps, squatting, then beelining back toward the door (no No. 2 for going on 24 hours now), began shaking violently and giving me the abused puppy look.

I tried my best to get her warm, but she wouldn't stop shaking. Being the responsible employee I am, I stuffed her in her backpack, still wrapped in a blanket, and propped her up in the chair next to me so I could focus on a conference call. 

Photo Credit: Instagram/@katie0509
 (My call wasn't with Congress but for a second there you thought I was hot stuff, didn't ya?)

She finally calmed down once I ignored her for a while, and I thought she'd fallen asleep and pulled out my phone to take a sweet slumber cuddle pic. And then, just as I touched the button to take the photo, this happened:

I don't know where the fun, frolicking Noli from 2010 went...but then again, the same could be said for me. After a five-day weekend holed up in my apartment, I was more than happy to go to work the next day.

Although the snow has mostly melted now, the temps are steadily dropping again as we speak, and more snow is on the way. 

And even though I'm taking my laptop home with me tonight and cringe when I think of how I set my thermostat to 65 and my electricity bill is going to be astronomical this month...I'm still pretty excited for another snow day!

Photo Credit: Anne
 Stay warm, DC!

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