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Grammys 2014: Katy Perry wins at life and Robin Thicke behaves age-appropriately

Jan 27, 2014

The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards were well worth the watch this year. And yes, you're supposed to capitalize "GRAMMY" because it stands for "Gramophone Radio And Modern Music" and I am assuming they added a "Y" to be cute. Aren't you glad you stopped by today?

I love this awards show because the fashion is fun (kudos to the people who wore music-inspired outfits) and you get to see awesome collaborations. Unlike the Golden Globes, everyone's not wasted, because they have to get onstage and perform, so it's almost as entertaining.

I was bummed Katy Perry didn't win anything, because I think she deserves a GRAMMY (she's never won one but has been nominated a bunch of times). But the girl showed up in the most festive-yet-tasteful gown of the evening in this whimsical musical notes Valentino number. 

I have to give her so many props because she actually sings onstage, she puts on a show from start to finish, and let's not forget she writes a lot of her own stuff. Also, when Lorde won for Best Solo Pop Performance, Katy looked genuinely excited. After seeing her perform "Dark Horse" last night, I might have to splurge and buy tickets for her show in DC this summer.


I'm never going to be a fan of head-to-toe menswear on women, but why the cane and the hat on top of it all? Onstage Madonna wore a similar outfit in all white, so she was clearly trying to make a statement of some sort (except I'm missing it...). This Ralph Lauren suit is tailored nicely, but it dwarfs her already petite frame and makes her look really old. Maybe she needed the cane?

Taylor Swift was so dazzling in this dress by Gucci, but what impressed me the most was how perfectly styled she was. The dress is a showstopper for sure, and while her makeup is dramatic, it doesn't take attention away from the dress. Her hair is a more natural, honey blonde, and the ponytail pulls attention away from what is usually her focal point to reveal her face. You can tell every element of this look was well thought out, and all together it was absolutely dreamy.

Her hair did come out later in the evening, though. And no one really heard what she was singing because of it. As Carly Aquilino put it: "Taylor swift performing her new song 'I'm young and tall and rich but I'm still upset.'"

I love Christian Siriano, who made this dress, but that orange clashes with the red carpet and overwhelms Natasha Bedingfield. I'd say if the cape thing was gone it might be better, but sadly, those bangs and straw-like hair take attention away from the a bad way. All the chunky jewelry doesn't help either, making her look like she has abnormally small arms.

Who knew Anna Kendrick was such a knockout?! This Azzaro and Joan Hornig look was clearly made for her, because it fits like a glove and the neutrals work with her coloring perfectly. I'm always amazed when beige looks good on a white girl. I'm also loving the mixed metallics -- gunmetal heels and shiny gold cuff and dress accents. Git it girl.

Fashion aside, my favorite collaboration of the evening was Robin Thicke and Chicago. Because I'm still scarred from his Miley Cyrus foam finger crazy striped suit performance, this reminder that deep down Robin is a classy guy was enough to renew my faith in his future projects.

Until the Oscars...


  1. 8littlepaws.wordpress.comMon Jan 27, 08:47:00 PM

    I read somewhere (I think in the comments over at Tom and Lorenzo, or maybe gawker?) that Madonna actually has a back injury and needs the cane. The grill is atrocious though and I still hate the look!

  2. Oh really? So she literally did indeed need a cane. I guess she just went with it then. Still hate it!