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Stitch Fix No. 3 -- Do San Franciscans know it's cold on the East Coast?

Dec 23, 2013

Fresh off my women's empowerment trip from my last Stitch Fix, I received my third one on the very same day they tweeted me this about Stitch Fix No. 2:

Customer service at its finest, y'all. 

For the third fix, I emphasized that I'd lost some weight since Stitch Fix No. 1 and specifically needed winter pants, preferably in the skinny, cigarette style, as well as some other wintry things that I could also wear on dates. Here's what I got:

1) This blouse was pretty but not something I would have picked out for myself, which we've established here is okay with me. I tried it on first and put it on again later to try with other pieces because, despite the color, cut and style which I was not initially crazy about, I kept thinking about it. The purple lace print seemed cheesy to me at first -- why not put actual lace on it? The pleat in the back was pretty at first glance, but if the top isn't tucked in, that pleat causes it to billow in the back. I was hoping to show off my figure a little, since I've been wearing nothing but big, blousy tops for the past year and a half on account of my weight gain. But, there was something pretty about it...

2) I am not a huge fan of stripes because I get migraines, and oftentimes patterns that cause optical illusions will set one off. However, when I saw this, I thought I might have to make an exception. The jacket was sturdy and the lining was satiny-smooth. I tried it on with my Catherine Malandrino Eiffel Tower dress and really loved it at first. It's cropped and has great structure, so it's quite flattering. However, I realized there was no front closure, and that bothered me. You'll notice in the photo of the back, it flares out a bit. I wish it had a small clasp on the front to prevent that from happening. Also, the front falls open, and that silhouette wasn't the best. I agonized over this jacket, but in the end I decided not to keep it.

3) These were the only pants they sent, and I wish I'd had at least one other option since I specifically asked for pants. They were designed to make you look like you lost 10 lbs. immediately. I mean, I get it, but I just lost 25 pounds so I'm not sure why these are the pants they chose for me. They were slip on -- no zippers or buttons -- which I wasn't crazy about. But once I got them on, I realized that's a smart feature to maximize slimming measures. They almost look like leggings on, but the fabric is sturdier. What really bugged me is the leg openings, which flared a bit instead of hugging your ankles, a feature of the cigarette pants that I love. And they were thin, clearly meant for warmer months. At almost $100, these were not worth keeping.

4) Anne told me a while ago that I need to stack bracelets around my giant man-watch from The Ex (yes I am still wearing it; it's nice, okay?). I haven't done too much of that because the bracelets I have don't all go together, and the ones that do end up making my left hand feel like it weighs an extra pound. The watch is heavy enough as it is, so I sometimes wear one with it. These were perfect for stacking, though, because one has some bling and the other, dual-toned bracelet compliments it by being understated but still pretty, and both are light weight. Since I was still undecided on what to keep, I put these in the maybe pile.

5) This top was pretty, yes, but ohmygosh it was difficult to get on. It's sheer polka dots, and it comes with a camisole that is sewn in. What. A. Pain. That camisole got so took me at least five minutes to figure it out. Note my fake smile. It was the most I could muster. Once on, it was fine, you know? It fell nicely, the color was easy to fit into my wardrobe, it was age and work appropriate, all that jazz. But the thought of dealing with that cami again was stressing me out, so I took it off and stuffed it in the return bag as soon as I snapped the photos.

After I tried everything on, I was kind of bummed out. None of them were very wintry, and only one was a true show piece. I worried my style profile was too conservative, but then I thought about my first two fixes and felt like maybe this was just a case of a mis-matched stylist.

I decided to keep the lace print blouse because it was a nice look, I had to admit. When I wore it, I got lots of compliments, which magically happens every time I wear a Stitch Fix piece. That reinforced my belief that Stitch Fix stylists do see something that I don't, which is a huge reason for me to keep using the service.

When I scheduled my next fix, I specified that I want winter clothes. I'm a little worried they don't know what winter clothes are, being in San Francisco and all. A quick glance at their Styled Outfits page leads me to believe there's hope though!

Sign up here if you're interested in trying it out -- $20 styling fee goes toward your purchase, and you only get a fix when you ask for one.

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