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Rough Week? Here's some inspirational stuff to ensure your Friday night is fantabuloustic.

Dec 13, 2013

I meant to pick back up the Online Dating series this week, but instead I fought through winter illness like a champ and now my face feels like it's going to explode.

What is that supposed to mean? you may be wondering.

It means that instead of going to the doctor, I gargled Makers Mark every night. It worked, y'all. But if you're a Southerner you already knew it would. Except it took an entire week for it to work and my sinuses are obviously traumatized.

The Bright Side: I can hit all the low notes in Britney Spears songs, so there's that.

Anywho, as demonstrated in season 3, episode 10 of Sex and the City, entitled "All or Nothing," where Carrie ponders "Can we have it all?" and Samantha gets the flu and realizes all the men in her life are worthless, I felt...somewhat down in the dumps this week. Here's what made me feel better:

You can tell I did this sick because I left off the "e" at the end of "America." Aaaand I just wrote "e" instead of "a". Being a grammar/spelling/punctuation nerd is a curse, y'all. *blows nose*
Let's just say I made some less-than-perfect decisions at the beginning of this week that I'll save for the memoir, but now that I'm at the end of the week I think they weren't so bad after all. Because...


...which led to this...

...and now that I've expended all my reserve mental energy for the week, I'm really grateful for this...

P.S. If you are not subscribing to Amy Poehler's Smart Girls then you are missing out on some saaaaaage advice, my friend.

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  1. Love Amy Poehler. And subscribed, y'all.