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Week in Review

Sep 13, 2013

Yesterday I worked an event which was held outdoors because we all assumed it would be in the 70s with low humidity when we planned it. Instead, it got up to 93 degrees and was some of the highest humidity I've ever experienced. Picture this: a bunch of people in workout gear because this was a Health & Wellness event, yet I had to wear business clothes because I'm working a booth. So there I am in a pretty red Talbots dress and high heels running back and forth to get things out of my car and drenching the lining of my pretty red Talbots dress in sweat. Thank goodness for sunglasses, because all my mascara melted off in the process. Oh, and my table wasn't even there yet, so I had to find someone to help me lug one over to my spot.

"A woman can do everything a man can do but in heels!" I breathlessly said to the man helping me.

"And backwards!" another man yelled across the parking lot.

And yes, indeed, I was doing it in heels and backwards. So. I'm very happy to discover that fall is finally upon us.


Yes, and root vegetables! Which are my personal favorite things about fall. Read on for a recap of the last week of summer (I hope?) and things coming up.

1. Football season has begun! Commence the men I work with declaring I'm rooting for their team because I'm wearing their team colors. Nope. I just like wearing colors.

Same goes for Catniss. She got a new cone (blue) and we (as in my Cat Husband and I) were confused as to why she got an orange bandage, and then we found out: her surgeon is a Florida Gator. Ahh.

Also, this is her favorite way for me to hold her:

(P.S. We've raised over $1,000 to help out this little girl! Thank you so much for caring. The fundraiser is still going, but we've been able to get her the help she needed for this first phase of care. Check the widget on the upper right hand side of my blog if you'd like to give to the Catniss Fund, and read her story here.) 

Noli is a honey badger when it comes to football. And Catniss.

2. 14th & U Farmers Market is having a vegetable cutting demonstration on Saturday. Dave, the instructor, will show you his techniques so you can tame onions, garlic, ginger, peppers, greens, tomatoes and vegetables for cooking and presentation. And yes, how you cut the veg does change how it cooks and tastes. Afterwards you can buy some root veggies and seasonal fruits to try at home!

3. Lyft, a service that puts a dollar sign on slugging, recently launched in DC. To celebrate their 12th participating city (Charolotte, NC), they're offering $20 off to new riders with the code LYFTUSA. 

4. It's time to cast your votes for Express's Best of DC. Please show your support for Bo Obama.

5. That Syria thing got under control fast. Here's a rundown of what led up to the diplomatic rather than militant force actions, resulting in Syria's request to join the U.N.'s Chemical Weapons Convention, care of characters from The Hills.

6. Fall TV is gearing up! Here's the first episode of Season 2 of The Mindy Project before it airs. I've missed you, Mindy.

7. District Flea opens this weekend! Brought to us by the guys behind Brooklyn Flea, this U Street market will only be around six Saturdays this fall. By next fall condos will be built on the property, so don't miss out! I mentioned last week that I'm going to try to get a booth. Hopefully I'll have that secured soon and can give y'all a date, but until then, here's a sampling of what I've been working on:

Enjoy the beautiful weekend! And if anyone needs a sailing buddy, let me know! ;)


  1. Oh em gee Catnis is so pretty! You too. Have you taken up sailing? I miss the water.

  2. If by "taken up sailing" you mean "lying on a sailboat while other people do the work" then no, but I would like to!