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Week in Review

Aug 30, 2013

1. I'm still alive. I've also made it through every episode of Girl Code.

And I made a break-up playlist on YouTube if you're going through something similar (it seems like a lot of you are).

(Apparently I like country music. This is alarming to me as well. Britneeeeey make some more break-up songs lady! We all know you've been through some stuff, girl!)

2. Lean Cuisine redeemed itself with "Delicious Rewards," a program where you earn points for eating Lean Cuisines and can redeem them for cute kitchen stuff. And okay fine, I have to admit the Chicken Enchilada Suiza ain't half bad. And I've lost 18 pounds. I take back the mean things I said about you, Lean Cuisine.

2. Task Rabbit finally made it to DC. Basically, you pay your neighbors to do stuff for you that you don't want to do and vice versa. Great at organizing other people's closets but not your own? (yeeeessss) Hate dusting and would totally pay someone to do it for you? (yeeeessss) Then sign up and start making money and/or getting those pesky chores done. You might even make a new friend, or, dare I say, boyfriend? Not in my neighborhood, but elsewhere it is surely a possibility. #StayingPositive

3. RG III is officially playing in the Redskins season opener. I now care about this because the ex(cringe)-boyfriend took me to a game last year and my Grandmother told me I needed to learn it asap because he's into it, and also probably because I'm from Georgia and it's kind of a huge paradox to say I'm a Southern Girl Who Doesn't Understand Football. Also I won free tickets to a pre-season game from Women of Washington Redksins, run by Dan Snyder's wife (he's the owner y'all, I am knowledgeable now), and got to sit on the second row.

More on that later. Long story short, I like football now. Also, I'm single, so if you'd like to take me to the season opener for a first date, I will totally go with you! Tweet me!

4.  I figured out the Tabaq Bistro closing mystery. Turns out I just needed to walk over and read the note on the door.

I'm baffled, though, why none of the DC or U Street blogs have written about it. Hopefully they'll finish the remodeling soon -- I miss my rooftop strawberry mojitos!

5. Ted's Bulletin is now open. I went with Anne Wednesday night because she was starving, and she ordered exactly 9,000 calories worth of food. Because of my 1200 calorie diet, my stomach has shrunk or something, so I literally can't eat more than 1200 calories a day now. (And the weight is just sliding off suddenly! Could also be attributed to the break-up, but what-evs, I'm excited.) I won't get graphic with you, but my stomach hated me afterwards and still hates me two days later. I won't be eating there again for a while, but it was really yummy. Get the crab hush puppies. And sit at the bar so you can watch whichever old movie they're playing. (Ours was The Wizard of Oz and I sang along, munchkin voices and all. Anne was too hungry to care.)

6. Naked Juice is being sued, and if you've ever drunk the not-as-natural-as-advertised and way overpriced smoothies, you're entitled to some cash back. Just fill out this claim form and a check will magically hopefully arrive at your door. Free mani/pedi, woo!

7. An Indian Cultural Center is coming to U Street. I've passed the beautiful, vacant building many times in the past four years and always wondered why it wasn't being used. I think this is a terrific addition to the neighborhood. Naan, y'all. Nom. Nom Naan. Also, I have two saris and I'd love to be able to wear them again!

8. Lou Lou is now open on 14th Street. Uh oh. This is not good yet is also awesome for my break-up.

9. In case you didn't know, Breaking Bad episodes are on! I didn't know this. Single Girl Problem: No cable so I have money for shoes, and I can no longer feed the addiction by watching Breaking Bad at my boyfriend's place. But then I remembered I had a cord that hooks my computer up to my TV and found out that episodes were online with my super sleuth skills of going to the website and checking. Problem solved. Thanks for doin' me a solid during my break-up mourning period, AMC.

10. You already know this, but *NYSYNC reunited at the VMAs.

I had to watch the next day...and accidentally also watched the Miley twerking fiasco which I do not believe is work appropriate...and also now I know what "twerking" is. Nothing says "Young women should sexually degrade themselves in public to get attention!" like officially adding "twerking" to the Oxford Dictionary.

I have a VHS tape in my apartment that has "*NSYNC" written across the label in big, purple, high school handwriting lettering. I'll probably never be able to watch it again, but it has every clip I could possibly record of *NSYNC back when they were, well, *NSYNC. I don't know why I'm telling you this except that I really want you to know I am TEAM *NSYNC 4 LIFE Y'ALL.

Also, this:

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! I won't be going to Ocean City since that boyfriend perk is gone, but I'm sure I'll find a way to make up for it.


  1. You go girl! Rooting for you, Beautiful!

  2. All I wanted from the VMA's was an O-town reunion. Is that too much to ask??