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Boy Band Bonanza! (Part 1: NKOTB2M98D)

Aug 16, 2013

This was supposed to auto-post while I was on vacay last week but apparently I have not yet mastered the techie part of blogging and now blogging is dead so I should probably throw in the towel but I enjoy rambling too much and blogging is cheaper than therapy so expect a lot more to come, players. (I thought I should throw in at least one comma. I believe I chose wisely.)


I'm caught up with some other stuff this week, so in lieu of a Week in Review post, I offer you a picture of Jordan Knight without his shirt on. You're welcome!


Boyfriend Perk: Can get me free tickets to a lot of stuff

Usually the tickets are for sporting events that I care little about (but I'm learning, just as my Grandmother instructed me to do), but every once in a while it's something that I love and he pre-announces that he will not be attending with me. I've been to two of these lately:


(look for this recap in Part 2)

Two years ago I missed the NKOTBSB (New Kids and Backstreet Boys) concert because AJ went to rehab and they had to change dates, and I already had tickets to Britney the night of the rescheduled concert, so obviously I chose Britney. I do love the Backstreet Boys, but I've always been Team *NSYNC, and Britney represented that better than BSB because of her *hand quotes* romantic relationship *cough it was all for publicity JT is like her brother cough* with Justin Timberlake. Let it be known, this was one of the hardest decisions of my life. 

Anyway, when NKOTB went on tour again, I was dying for a chance to go. I was delighted to find out Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees were opening for them. I took my friend Anne for her birthday so we could relive our childhood and I could give her the gift of music via shirtless men. 

Our favorite act was Boyz II Men. Those guys are seriously talented. 

They were real-singing and hit all the notes and harmonized like angels and it was amazing. A few months ago they played a show at the Howard Theatre, and if they every come back, I am definitely going, free tickets or not.

98 Degrees was a lot of fun to watch, but I have to admit it was pretty cheesy. And I knew every word to every song. Amazing the things your brain retains...

NKOTB was everything I'd hoped they'd be and more. Too much more. (see Jordan Knight pic above) Donnie also spent a lot of time shirtless, and he also kissed a woman in the crowd and held it for 7 seconds longer than anyone was comfortable with. You'll see no pictures of him in this post because it was traumatizing and we all felt dirty. Danny and Jordan's brother whose name no one can remember are clearly just enjoying the paycheck by not offering anything but their presence. 

But then, Joey McIntyre (excuse the misspelling on the photos -- I'd fix it but it's Friday, and this close to the weekend I don't care enough to) saved the show...

...then crushed us all.

After that, we'd had about enough. Pining after our respective New Kid for 20 years is exhausting. 

Fun fact: We found out that if we plugged our ears, we could carry on a conversation by speaking in normal voices, I'm guessing because the frequency in the arena was so much higher. Yay for science!

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  1. Thanks for the memorable birthday present! I always have a fantastic time with you, with or without a boy band!