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What was WMATA thinking?!

Jul 11, 2013

I don't use the Metro that much anymore with the new job, but I still like to keep tabs on what's going on, especially since @UnSuckDCMetro has retweeted me a lot. Generally I think WMATA (Washington Metro  something Transit Association I think?) gets a bad rap and does a pretty decent job, but these social media sins are unforgivable. I'll let the tweets tell the story.

And then this happened (our boy @FixWMATA is in the red plaid shirt):

I scanned Twitter today for updates but didn't come up with many -- obviously WMATA is way more concerned with the horrible delay last night than how the Twitter thing could turn the situation into a PR nightmare. (In 2011, DC was named the nation's "Top Twitter Town" -- riders are privy to this stuff, y'all!) But @FixWMATA recapped the day's events with some commentary here.

My feeling is WMATA needs a lot of help in their PR department, but overall I think they get criticized more harshly than necessary. I'd still rather ride on Metro than the NYC Subway any day, and if I had the choice between Metro and my car, I'd choose Metro. Unless I had to ride on the Red Line. 

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  1. WMATA = Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

    Thanks for the link to my site and for sharing your thoughts!