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#MINDBLOWN: Two Amazing Grocery Stores Merge to Make ONE EPIC GROCER

Jul 18, 2013

Growing up in Georgia, our grocery store of choice was Kroger. Clean, good produce, not too pricey, friendly, all that good stuff. Our town being quite small, we didn't have a Kroger of our own and had to drive about 10 minutes to get to the closest one. (Hey, that's a long way in a small town.) And then, during my senior year of high school, the grandkids of one of Tucker's first settlers (whose name Google will not tell me) sold the old farm to developers, and we finally got a Kroger!!! 

The week Kroger opened, I skipped lunch period every day to go get a hot dog and a Coke for $1, and then I'd peruse the aisles for free samples. It was the first and last time I tried Rocky Mountain Oysters, and it was the biggest thing that had happened to Tucker since the M2M program brought Keri Hilson to my high school.  

When I moved to DC, I chose to shop primarily at Harris Teeter, Kroger's Mid-Atlantic counterpart. Google won't tell me the history (what the heck, Google?!), but as a good Southern girl, I know that they had some kind of gentlemen's agreement that they wouldn't compete in the same regions, so Kroger got everything south of North and South Carolina and Harris Teeter, or "Harry Teets" as my neighbor calls it, got everything north of Georgia. 

Let it be known, Washingtonians, that Giant and Safeway are NOT respectable alternatives to Harris Teeter. Safeway is okay if you're desperate, but Giant? Nononononononono. I have bought produce from Giant twice that went bad within a couple of days, including frozen sugar snap peas. How does frozen produce go bad that quickly?!?!?! Sick. It's the only time I've ever taken something back to a grocery store. Everyone loves to harp on Harris Teeter that it's soooooooo expensive and you might as well go to Whole Foods. Well guess what? It's not more expensive, you just think it is because it's so much nicer! And they have crazy amazing deals like buy one get one free London broil and a $20 pharmacy credit per regular transaction (it was a limited time earlier this year, but still, who else has deals like that?).

So imagine my glee when I received this in my inbox last week:

WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm so glad the two are finally coming together.


  1. You know. We have both HT and Kroger here in North Carolina. Have for the entire two years I've been here.


  2. The Cofers were the old family that owned the land (that I think had a historic family house on it that was torn down in the process) that they turned into a Kroger. (also of Kelly C. Cofer Pool, Reid H. Cofer Library, etc.) I also reacted to the news with strange nostalgic excitement that a little piece of home is merging with a little piece of my new home. Love the images of Keri Hilson, too!

  3. Ahh yes @Grace C, that's who I was thinking of. :)