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I hate dieting because...

Jul 24, 2013

Boyfriend Perk (ooh imma make that a new label!): Invited on family vacay to St. Thomas

Need I explain more.

I've been down this road before, and for me, calorie counting is the best way to do it. I've tried the others: exercise, weight-gain-shaming, having a friend hold you accountable, and worst of all a celebrity-endorsed diet. Nope. Those just make me angry, depressed and fatter.

Back in 2009 when I had a personal diet consultant (aka Joanna my coworker turned friend), I used, which allowed me to keep a log of what I ate and how much I exercised, as well as helping me set goals and telling me how much I should eat/exercise each day to reach those goals. But upon my return, they've changed the website to include so many ads that the pages won't load.

A friend, YM, suggested, which is essentially the same thing but works like a normal website. It has lots of options, but the ones I use most are the daily weigh-in and the food and exercise logs.

Exercise. Ha Ha. Ha.

Most foods are already in their database (on FitDay you have to look up nutrition info for a lot of things) and you can make "recipes" where you insert the ingredients into your own database (I drink a lot of smoothies, so I have a Blueberry Strawberry Smoothie, for instance, that I've pre-loaded with how much of each ingredient I use, and the system figures out the calories), and you can easily pick that same recipe the next time you consume it. The recipes option also makes me cognizant of how much stuff I'm putting in as I make it. The exercise log is fun because you can find things like "moderate cleaning" in their database and get to dock 30 calories off your intake, therefore allowing you to eat more that day or feel great about coming in under your daily budget.

It's been three weeks. How am I doing? Oh, I'll tell you how I'm doing, all right.
  1. Limiting myself to 1200 calories a day for three weeks has caused my weight to plummet 12 pounds then skyrocket 15. I now weigh three pounds more than I did when I began.

  2. If exercising was hard before, it's impossible now. Burning stored fat is physically painful and exhausting.

  3. Eight glasses of water a day makes me nauseous. I do not understand how one can drink that much water.
    Wait, I have to drink more than 8 glasses? Is this for real?!?!?! 

  4. Pinterest.

  5. I now know there are 150 calories in a one-inch cube of cheese. (No more night cheese for me.)

  6. This is what 1200 calories looks like. 

  7. Now that I've looked at the BMI chart, I know I am one water weight pound away from being officially "overweight." 

  8. Having your nephew gently put his hands on your stomach and say, "Aunt Mawry El, it looks like you're having a baby," hurts a lot more when you're actually trying.

  9. Lean Cuisines are absolutely tasteless. Eating is no longer fun. 

  10. [FILL IN THE BLANK] (too tired to think of any more reasons)

I should mention that my friend who told me about MyFitnessPal no longer uses it because she felt like it was judging her. 


  1. I've been using MFP for about a year and a half, and have realized that the only way it helps is by making me more aware of the choices I'm making. It's a system built around "Pounds Lost!", which is total BS (I mean, who actually loses exactly a pound a week? And if you DON'T, MFP will make you feel like you've failed), but I do make much healthier choices.

    As for the weight gain ... have you actually be doing any exercize? Even just walking? I noticed when I started a new fitness program (30 Day Shred ... that thing kicked my butt! I'll lend it to you if you'd like. It's a 20 minutes daily type thing.) I actually GAINED weight (almost 10 lbs) ... but I was losing inches FAST. Maybe that'd be a better way to track progress?

  2. Being the Registered Dietitian that I am, I can make a few suggestions if you are interested. Send me a message on FB if I can be of help Mary El.
    Ann Chan

  3. @"I DO" WEDDING CAKES Thank you!!! I will message you on FB.

  4. @Sarah Great insight! The weight thing is annoying, probably not a great testament to how you are doing health-wise. I haven't been exercising because of two foot injuries, but I'm trying to find something that I can do to work around that.