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Review: Flavorfy with Dasani Drops

Jul 26, 2013

I know in my last post I freaked out about water, but it's not that bad. What's funny is I grew up only drinking water, really. "Diluting" was a common practice in my family, and as a kid it was synonymous with "treat" -- fill your glass three quarters of the way with water and add some lemonade. Voila! Diluted lemonade is delicious!

But then I found out it's not.

I will say that as an adult, I have trouble finishing a can of anything except La Croix (pronounced "la-cwah" or "la-croy," depending on where you're from. The "x" is silent either way to make you feel fancy.). 

I do love me some lemonade straight up (Chick-fil-A is the best), probably because I was deprived of it growing up, but I really do prefer water or iced tea (unsweetened -- I know it's confusing, me being from Atlanta and all...). 

What can I say? My extremely Southern mother (think Paula Deen morphed with Martha Stewart minus the racism and insider trading)...

(I was hoping this would magically look like my mother, but it doesn't. Creepy, though, ain't it?)

...married a draft-dodging camp counselor/professional student/nurse. Dinnertime was always entertaining.

ANYWHO, since introducing sugar into my beverages in my late 20s, it's difficult to just drink water all the time. And thanks to the geniuses behind the bottled water industry, I won't drink tap water unless I'm at a restaurant where I can confuse myself into thinking the water is fine since I'm paying $20 for three tomato slices with balsamic vinegar and four crumbles of goat cheese. This poses a problem at work because we use a Brita filter (oh believe me, I'm petitioning for a water dispenser).

That's why I'm excited about Dasani Drops. They come in a bunch of flavors (my favorite is the coconut pineapple) and they fit right in your purse. 
Powders like Crystal Light gross me out because they have to dissolve first, and if they don't dissolve all the way you're left with grit in the bottom of your glass. But one little squeeze of Dasani Drops and you've got a bona fide drinkie that makes that 8+ glasses of water a day go down pretty nicely! 

And that means "diluting" can still be a treat!

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