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Style Me September: Week 1

Sep 11, 2012

As promised, I'm giving this fashion blogging thing another shot. I'm having trouble being creative with my wardrobe like I was in July. It's weird...I have way more fashion options in my new job, but somehow I feel less inclined to make a statement. I guess this is the difference between working in a giant federal building and a giant privately-owned one with a fountain and exotic artwork.

I have failed to do the Style Me challenge most days this month. August was extremely busy, and September has been worse. However, three times I succeeded:

Day 4: Made for Braids

Chambray Top: Forever 21
Necklace: Target
Shoes: Gap
Pants: LOFT
Hair: Braid Bun -- so easy. Twist on either side, braid what's leftover from the twists. Braid the rest of your hair (middle piece). Fashion each braid into little buns and pin. That's my spin on the tutorial I found. Here's the original (even prettier -- going to try to do the rope braid next time): 

Day 5: Gray or Grey

Jeans: LOFT
Correct spelling: Gray. "Grey" is for the British. I kind of hated this day because, despite gray being one of my favorite colors, I realized I had very few gray summer pieces in my wardrobe. I hope we get this challenge again in a couple of months when I can represent better.

Day 11: Pearls Please

Dress: NY&Co.
Blazer: Banana Republic
Pearls (faux): Forever 21
(I accidentally participated in the challenge today because I had to get dressed up for a visit to the Pentagon -- my first since I left. It was so weird being a visitor!)

As referenced a couple of posts ago, I had a huge fashion disaster my first week into my new job. A friend had taken me to dinner at Rosa Mexicano to celebrate the new gig, and unfortunately three days in I was already feeling ready to bid farewell to my blazer with dress/pencil skirt uniform, so I colorblocked and Ikatted all at once. The first thing my friend said was, "Isn't it a little soon to be dressing like that?" The second thing she said was, "Isn't that Mondo from 'Project Runway'?"


Obviously I marched right over to him and asked for a photo. He was busy figuring out his drinkie situation. I helped him, he thanked me, posed for a photo, and then engaged me in conversation for 20 more minutes. It ended with him GIVING ME HIS PHONE NUMBER. I did not ask for it, I swear. He voluntarily offered it up to me and told me to text him. I did. Three times. He did not text back. I'm honestly quite amazed that I didn't text him more or break down and call him.


You'll notice he's wearing toothpaste green and a belt with a steer and a heart on it -- plus cheetah print platform shoes, which you can't see -- and yet his outfit is totally awesome. Mine was not. And standing next to him I look like I weigh at least 100 pounds more than he does. (That might actually be true.)

The last time I was this disgusted with my clothes I happened to be in New York hanging out with Carol Hannah, also a "Project Runway" finalist. Why?!?!

So I'm back to my blazer and dress/pencil skirt routine...for the most part. Fall is coming soon, which means a style shift. Not sure I'm in love with the oxblood trend, but I can't wait to make the make the most of these... 

Hello lover.

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