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Mid-Year Fashion Check!

Jul 2, 2012

I don't know how I'm just now hearing about this, but the ex-roomie, Margels, just tuned me into Style Me, a monthly fashion challenge where every day gets an inspiration phrase, and you put your outfit together, snap a pic, upload it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and tag it with #StyleMeJuly (that's the tag for July, duh).

*Side Note* Funny how "Instagram" shows up as a misspelled word in Blogger, yet Facebook and Twitter don't. Maybe next year?

I've been feeling very summery-stylish lately, so this came a great time.

Before the cray cray DC storm last Friday (Noli and I survived), I was at a hotel rooftop pool pretending to be part of the DC elite (a pool is hard to come by in these parts, y'all). Thanks to everyone being tied to their Facebook and Twitter feeds, we found out around 9 p.m. that a storm was abrewin'. We didn't believe them because the sky was perfectly clear, and I didn't want to leave because A) it was free, B) I had finally convinced myself I look fabulous even though I gained two pounds in June, and C) I had dressed up because I thought it would be like the Capitol Skyline pool parties (it was not) and didn't want to look frumpy, hence I was wearing a retro black one piece and gold medallion necklace.

Yes I'm wearing jewelry at a pool. Wanna fight about it?

Notice the granny in the bikini with the little girl with flaoties? 
That's how you know you're not at Capitol Skyline. 

By 9:30 we had been badgered enough by reports of this storm, so we went home. Noli and I were cuddling on the couch watching Friday's "The Young & the Restless" when El Derecho hit. That's right, it has a name, look it up. I have never seen Noli scared of a storm in her life, but she leaped off the couch and hid in the bathroom. Being the terrible mother I am, I took her out on the balcony to face her fear ("It's just a little wind, silly!") and a gust just about took her out of my arms. This thing was for real.

The next day I went river tubing in West Virginia with some friends, so we saw a lot of the wreckage on our way out of town.

 I still can't believe this tree didn't hit that house.

*Serious Side Note* I found out that evening that the storm had made national news because of its severity, and several people even died. A friend of the friends I went tubing with was riding her motorcycle in our neighborhood when the storm hit, and tree fell on her and paralyzed her from the waist down. Check out the Facebook Group that is posting updates and info on how to donate for her recovery.

The storm not only failed to break the heat wave, it left a lot of people without power. Thankfully the power lines in my neighborhood are underground, so I wasn't affected.

That night at a rooftop party I left my hair down with pretty summer curls, and after three hours of standing outside after sundown, the bottom layer of my hair was sopping. I had to find a new summer do. Enter: the sock bun. All you do is cut the toe out of a sock and roll it up, put your hair in a ponytail high on your head, slip the toe-less sock over it, and start wrapping the ends of your hair down around the sock. No bobby pins necessary because your hair secures itself in the sock bun. Plus, it makes you look like you have a ton of hair, and the bun is perfection. 

In conclusion, I'm going to post my week's outfits at the end of each week in July with whatever little style tips I come up with or find along the way. Follow everyone participating on Twitter at #StyleMeJuly, and please let me know if you're playing along so I can look for your outfits!

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