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Spring Makeover Part 1: Wardrobe

Apr 25, 2012

I turned 31 this month, which puts me solidly in my 30s and well past the I'm-Freaking-Out-Because-I'm-Not-In-My-20s-Anymore!!! phase of my life. I spent it in a very 30-something way -- I took the day off work, and Ashmi treated me to a spa day at the W Hotel. (Remind me why was I concerned with leaving my rowdy, barely-getting-by 20s?) That night friends came over and made me dinner, and the whole thing was just so ab fab.

The next day I began thinking about how I want 2012 to go for me. What should my next career step be? Should I finally hire maids? Do I need a new hairstyle? What about moving to another city? Getting new furniture? Joining a gym? Laser hair removal on my legs? A dermatologist? A life coach? Oooh...a new Coach bag, perhaps? The factory outlet is online now and has so many sales!

At some point, in the midst of the brain knot I worked myself into, I decided the answer to a lot of my issues was updating my wardrobe. I have so many things that don't fit -- some too big, some too small -- and I don't want to fit into the big ones ever again, nor will I likely fit into the too small ones, although I sure do try. I also have many pieces that were nice a couple of years ago (or several years ago) but are either outdated or worn out. Then there are the clothes that quite frankly belong on a 21-year-old, and I am beginning to realize that I will not be forever 21. (Can we open a store called Forever 31, please?)

Kelly is back for her yearly visit, and there's probably no one else on the planet that can overhaul my wardrobe as she can. 
 I'm bringing good fashion sense to the District, and I'm starting with tiny hats!

(Okay, so I made her put on the tiny hat we found in Eastern Market. But if anyone can pull it off, it's...probably a royal. Good thing she didn't buy it!)

Kelly worked at LOFT for three years in college, and they kept her in the dressing room the entire time because she was so good at dressing women, therefore causing them to spend all their money at LOFT. Seriously, LOFT should pay her a bona fide salary with benefits to work their dressing rooms. So I gave her free reign over my closet and credit card, and we got to work.

I told Kelly I want a "sophisticated look." Apparently that meant just about every top and dress I own had to go. As I tried on things for Kelly and she repeatedly asked me, "Are you serious?" I began to understand how the ladies on "What Not to Wear" feel. When you're really trying to change your style, you don't realize how ingrained into your brain is your former way of thinking about style and what looks good on you. To fill out my depleted wardrobe, I initially gave Kelly my LOFT credit card and told her to pick things out for me. She came back with clothes I would have never looked at. But she was right -- almost everything she picked out gave me the sophisticated look I was hoping for. We went out to a few more stores, but that proved to be disastrous as we ended up fighting in two of them (Forever 21 and Zara -- the former was my choice, and Kelly has since banned me from it; the latter was her choice, a store I never liked, but I've now discovered they carry the BEST blazers).

A few days after the makeover, I ventured out on my own. I got a really pretty drapey yet structured gray jacket from H&M and a polka dot shell top from LOFT. Last week I'd been wearing all of Kelly's picks for me -- one coworker said I looked like a top executive and Kelly should start a business styling Washington women --, so yesterday I wanted to debut the outfit I put together all on my own:

Look at me! I can pick out clothes all by myself now!

The compliment I got? "You look like a librarian!"At least that's better than "art teacher," a comment a coworker made when I tried the oversized cardigan trend. I'll take it.

If you're interested in purchasing my discarded garments (some are actually pretty nice but just didn't pass Kelly's strict rules that apply to my body type and fashion goals), I'll be selling them, along with various household goods, at the Ross Elementary School Community Rummage Sale this Saturday between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. at 1730 R St NW. I promise to give you a good deal if you tell me I look sophisticated. ;)

As for the rest of my ideas, I've got some more makeovers in the works. Next up, my haircolor! I'll fill you in soon!


  1. Love it! Especially the coral and gray combo.

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  3. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

  4. Hey there! Just found you through the blogger blitz dc attendee list and wanted to check out your blog! You are adorable!