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So this is how you get mentioned in the Washington Examiner!

Apr 5, 2012

My latest Borderstan post was picked up by the Washington Examiner, woo hoo! Not exactly on my DC Bucket List, but still pretty dern cool.

NOTE: On my Bucket List is a mention in the Washington Post, which I came *this close* to attaining last month when my friend's wedding was covered in the Style section and she mentioned that I helped her and her husband get together after having one too many glasses of sangria at Jazz in the Sculpture Garden one summer night and then calling him out on not kissing her yet. He kissed her the next day, on my rooftop no less. (You're welcome, friends.) They called me the day the story came out to apologize for telling the reporter that I'd had too much sangria, but they pointed out they specifically told her not to use my name but only to allude to me. Their "apology" sent me into a full on anxiety attack, and now they have some major splaining to do. And I have to figure out another way to get my name in the Post.

Anyway, here is the Borderstan story that got me 15 minutes of Internet fame...

If you take a stroll down 14th Street NW without a particular destination in mind, you’ll probably miss a lot. The juxtaposition between new, old and renovated buildings makes for exhilarating window shopping, but if you find yourself on a not-so-pretty block you may pass over a gem.

“This block will always look this way,” says Timothy Paul, owner of Timothy Paul Carpets & Textiles of his store’s block located on 14th Street  between Rhode Island Avenue. and P Street. “That guy owns the building his shop is in; he lives above it.” He goes on to tell me about the other small business owners around him. After nine years in his location, he knows the neighborhood and the people who make it what it is.
The outside of Paul’s modern-looking store is surprisingly camouflaged amid the older stores, whose shabby exteriors tells the neighborhood’s history and their resistance to gentrification. Somehow, even so close to the Whole Foods whose urban prophecy: “If you build it, they will come,” seems fulfilled, these seemingly out of place shops survive. But then again, so does the upscale carpet store nestled among them.

Inside Timothy Paul’s store you’ll find carpets in brilliant colors and patterns, no one like any of the others. Not only are the carpets woven to last for decades, each one has a story behind it. If you ask Paul, who you’ll find in the store almost every day, he’ll tell you all the background he knows on every piece. And if you’re wondering where to get a great cup of coffee afterwards, he can tell you that as well, and who to talk to when you get there. Shopping here is an experience, and Paul will guide you through it with the kind of details only a longtime resident who is passionate about his trade and his neighborhood can offer.

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