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Help a blogger out, yo.

Apr 10, 2012

It's warm outside, which inevitably means I will cut my hair (check), change my hair color (still contemplating), buy a new wardrobe (halfway there), spend exorbitant amounts of money on makeup I don't need and probably won't use (resisting the urge) and I will give my blog a makeover (happening right now as you read this).

I've been messing around with a few design ideas, but what's really stumping me is a tagline. "Inside the head of a wistful city girl who loves cake and shoes she can't afford" doesn't accurately describe me anymore. Sure, I'm wistful, but not nearly as much as I used to be. I have too much going on to sit around and muse about a life I wish I had. I still love cake, but when I began this blog I packed on 20 pounds because I loved it so much, so it's much more of a treat now than it used to be. And of course I love shoes I can't afford (have you seen my Pinterest???), but I'm wise enough now to pin a picture of them on a virtual board instead of buying them and adoring them from afar as the heels are entirely too high for me to manage.

Here's what I've been mulling over:

1) Attempts at not getting fat and broke in the District
2) Skinny, single and fabulous is better on TV
3) DC sure isn't what it used to be...and I lurv it!
4) Everything I know about cake, fashion and hipsters, I learned from DC
5) If only I were allergic to gluten and fashionable footwear

Basically, I want to convey that Carrie Bradshaw is an anorexic liar and learning how to be a woman is about being comfortable with yourself rather than conforming to societal norms that are really not normal at all. But funny. And also that DC is a cool city with more to it than Capitol Hill.

I'm open to suggestions here. Do you have any for me?


  1. Lucia Safran MessinaTue Apr 10, 03:09:00 PM

    So Proud of you and how you have grown, not the 20 pounds ,but everyone does that in DC. Your nature and , sense of humor and love of life. Something about giving back - would be nice - in your blog -volunteer at a museum , the zoo, or children's hospital. Talk to a soldier that served their country . Know the other side to DC, as you said. That is what I hope you do......

  2. Ha, these are cute! I think I like #1 and #4 best ...