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Things I could have done today instead of being stood up

Nov 8, 2011

1) Slept in and not gotten up early to wash my hair.
2) Gone to yoga and practiced inverted handstands.
3) Spent quality time with my newly groomed albino deer-dog, Noli.

4) Gotten a much needed pedicure. (I still have sparkle nail polish on my toes from Halloween.)
5) Caught up on my DVR (new episode of "Once Upon A Time" -- it's soooooo good!!!).
6) Drank perfectly good boxed wine at home and not paid $8 for a glass of mediocre Zinfandel at a restaurant bar while watching CNN updates on the Penn State Pedophile.
7) Practiced piano. (Hey, it's a totally legitimate thing I could have done that would be time better spent than sitting alone at a bar.)
8) Taken a bubble bath while watching "Parks and Recreation" on Netflix.
9) Caught up on my blog. (Oh, well I guess that did work out in a way.)
10) Had a nice meal with a really cute guy.  Hmph.

At least I had a cupcake in the fridge.


  1. I cannot fathom why anyone would stand YOU up! Annoying.

  2. I cannot fathom how anyone would stand YOU up! Annoying...

  3. A hot DAD, that's who. Why is another issue, but I have no answers. He hasn't so much as emailed me.

  4. Eh, dating is a game of odds and averages. Being stood up happens, and will probably happen again at some point. It's a numbers game when it boils down to it.

    I wouldn't worry too much about why he did it either. He could have had an emergency, or been attacked by zombies or something. But if he doesn't think of you enough to give you a reason in a fairly reasonable amount of time, then well, I am sure I don't need to suggest what you should do. I mean, that's just being inconsiderate.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, Divorced Guy. I like the idea of him being attacked by zombies...going to muse on that for a little bit...

  6. Seriously... he missed out. Glad he showed his tail early so that you didn't have to deal with his stupid crap later 'cause you know that's what would have happened!

  7. I would have been livid! Emergencies arise, but if something like that happened, then he should at least have contacted you by now. xoxo