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Red Lips for Dummies

Nov 14, 2011

Like many people, I'm going through "Mad Men" withdrawal. Don't get me wrong -- AMC has produced some quality TV in its stead ("The Walking Dead" and "The Killing" are two of my faves), and "Pan Am" has helped quell the longing a little, but really nothing can fill the "Mad Men" void, especially not Banana Republic's sad attempt at a collection based on the show.

The absence of the retro-themed series does not mean it's left our minds, because everywhere I look I'm seeing 60s-inspired trends.  One that I've never had the guts to try until this year is red lips.

I have to thank my makeup ladies at Aveda for turning me on to it.  I buy most of my makeup from Aveda (good for the environment, kind to animals, not overpriced and everything smells great!), and on a recent trip to refill my powder, one of the ladies asked if she could give me a makeover.  Makeovers never go that well for me, but I was on my way home and had some extra time, so I figured why not.  The purple eye shadow she used wasn't really my style, but the red lipstick was goooooooorgeous.  So I bought some.  Well done, Aveda Lady.

Since then I've found a couple of other products to keep the red looking fresh all day without having to constantly reapply.  I start with Maybelline Superstay in Keep It Red for a base coat...

...then apply my Aveda Nourish Mint in Vanadinite...

...and top it off with Cover Girl NatureLuxe in Peony throughout the day for touch-ups.

It's important to keep up with it, because once it wears off you'll have a red line around your lips and it looks like either you're trying to do the ghetto white girl 90s look with the dark liner and white lips, or you just made out in the mop closet.  Neither is good for your reputation.

In the interest of being a fair and balanced blogger, I have to share with you what I read on SheFinds today regarding red lips:

"One of the trends fellas claimed to hate the most [is red lips].  Let's face it, red lipstick probably reminds them of their moms, it makes them not want to kiss you, and God forbid it gets anywhere near their work shirts..."

To this I have to reply, Reason No. 282 Why I'm Still Single.


  1. thank you for this lip post! I'm in love with red lips and went the cheap route by buying wet&wild lol. Although cheap, it looks disastrous. Will definitely try this routine. I also do a blog on dining with a little bit of fashion and beauty. You should follow :)

  2. One of the happiest days of my life was when I discovered that I could pull off red lipstick!

  3. @TayKat Wet & Wild definitely has its place in life (BODY GLITTER!), but red lips should be taken seriously. ;)

  4. @Nikki Jo I couldn't agree more!

  5. Those boys don't know good lip color when they see it, which I find surprising. Snow White wasn't sporting a clear gloss, after all.

  6. I was so shocked to read that bit about men not liking red! I conducted a mini-poll on Twitter and it confirmed my worst fears: modern men are all complete wusses. So disappointing!

    But whatevs, I think red lipstick is hot!