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Double Fail Monday

Jul 11, 2011

Or maybe I should have titled this "Triple Fail Monday," for I have not posted in two weeks.  Ugh, you guys, don't ever move because it will suck the life right out of you, especially if you're as big a packrat as I am.  I have half a post written about it and so many other ideas coursing through my brain right now (So the chaos in my apartment is indicative of my life?  Is that what that's supposed to mean?  ARGH!), but until I finish any of those, I wanted to share this with you:

Unfortunately I did not get a front view photo, but under that jacket was a red shirt with a tie.  Waist up he looked pretty okay -- kind of channeled Michael Scott on that episode where he showed up to a cocktail party and looked like the waiters so he made Dwight switch with him, but otherwise professional.  But those pants...and he had something in the left cargo pocket...

And for the second fail, he opened a shooken up Sprite (probably from sloshing around in the cargo pocket) and it spewed everywhere and onto people nearby, but from my view it looked like he was throwing up.  I heard him say, "I guess that's why you're not supposed to drink on the Metro!"  *double gag*

For more information on cargo pants, please refer to this classic Bud Light commercial.

And guys, for the love of Pete, get rid of your cargos immediately unless you're in the military or a construction worker.


  1. Cargo SHORTS, on the other hand, are totally, completely, more than, ok. Just wanted to be clear. :)

  2. ex once purchased (on purpose, mind you) grey wool slacks...with cargo pockets! He never understood why I hated them. I never understood why anyone made them...

  3. please please please tell me this was a 19 year old intern.... or an old man.