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It's Friday! Friday! And my eye is glued shut.

Jun 24, 2011

Apparently I'm allergic to moving.  I've been sneezing nonstop since Sunday (the day of the move-out) and it only got worse on Tuesday (the day of the move-in).  Today I woke up and couldn't open my left eye.  Gross.

Besides that and my bath faucet not working (shower is fine, so I've been filling up the tub via shower head), I'm loving my new place and have even met some of my neighbors (lots of cuties, but they're probably all married or gay).  I did take out some bathtub frustration on Facebook yesterday while reflecting on "Sex and the City 2," which I was able to watch via my six free months of HBO (thanks Comcast, sort of):

             This is why I cringe when people tell me I'm just like Carrie Bradshaw.

I really was quite enraged and almost turned off the movie when Carrie ran into the bathroom, frantic because she'd kissed her ex, and squealed, "Samantha I need you NOW!" and required Samantha to get out of that lovely bath in the $22,000/night suite.  It's the worse offense Carrie has ever committed, even worse than the time Charlotte announced she got engaged and Carrie replied with, "Well I just got broken up with by a Post-It."  And don't forget the time she wore this:

Notice how none of them can look her in the eye?
Except Miranda, who is clearly trying not to spew coffee all over that shameful outfit.

Tonight I will stay at home to unpack some more, but what I'd really like to be doing is sipping bubbly and eating delicious cheese around the fountain at the Sculpture Garden whilst listening to jazz and wiggling my toes in the cool water.

If you haven't been to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, this is what you're missing:

I want to go to there. Right. Now.

Alas, I must make it through another work day then go home, take Benadryl and figure out how all my stuff is going to fit in 623 square feet.  On the other hand, that's pretty large for a one bedroom.  So I'll quit my complaining now. 

Blog post on Moving Disaster 2011 soon, whenever I can see out of both eyes.  


  1. Mary El,

    I moved from a 750 square foot two bedroom apartment in Timonium to a 400 square foot studio in DC, and the only furniture I got rid of was a beautiful old dining room table (given back to my parents).

    since moving, I've actually added furniture (mostly bookshelves as I have a problem with buying and hoarding books - hey, it could be worse, I could be on Meth).

    Anyway, if you need some help figuring out how to fit furniture into your place, I am quite clearly the book-addled man for the job.

  2. Ok you're going to laugh at me because I've never actually seen a whole episode of Sex and the City. But if people tell you that you are like Carrie Bradshaw, then they most definitely don't know you. Especially after what you just described, her character seems unbelievably selfish and that is something you are most definitely not and could never be. You are one of the most generous and caring people I've ever known. And I'm not just saying that because we're related. ;)

  3. I think I've been away from your blog for too long; it's changed! I like the new look. Don't be insulted if someone compares you to Carrie because her writing is what I'm sure people are thinking of when they compare the two of you, and you can't doubt that her writing/inner monologues are fluid, precise and captivating! I personally found problems with Miranda and her pessimistic outlook on life. But I guess that's why they had Charlotte-to balance it out.

  4. Aww Julie! You're too sweet! Sex and the City was a good show, but the more I watch reruns and the older I get, the less I can tolerate how immature Carrie is. She had lots of pretty shoes, though!

  5. Sam, I'm trying out the new design, still have a little work to do. :) Miranda was WAY pessimistic, but I like how she turned out. Charlotte is the best though!

  6. and now as we speak i am downloading this movie... after I watch it I will reread this post. :)