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Crisis(es) (crisisses?) (crises?) Averted

Jun 13, 2011

Thanks to the Power of the Blog, I am now the proud renter of a one-bedroom condo with a washer and dryer, giant closet, hardwood floors and accessbility to an awesome rooftop with grill, chairs and a-MAZ-ing view of the city.  Did I mention it's two blocks from the Metro?  And it's all because a reader hooked me up.

Dear Readers, have I told you lately that I love you?  *Cue Rod Stewart*

To thank y'all, I'd like to meet you in person and offer you a super delicious drink special at Tabaq Bistro tomorrow night. Maybe you'll even meet a potential date!  I'm talking, of course, about the happy hour I'm co-hosting with A Single Girl and Sassy Marmalade.  I'll be the redhead with the bruises all over her body from moving heavy objects all weekend (and a bike attack by my Pretty Schwinn).

Also, I have to tell y'all about the new suit I bought.  I found out on Friday that Monday (today) I was going to attend a super important meeting with super important people/local celebrities (I sat quietly so as not to say anything stupid, but I did nervously giggle a little at the end when someone asked me a question) so obviously I needed a new outfit. 

Guys, don't get all judgey on me.  I've lost 14 pounds since February and all my suits are hanging off of me except for one (Banana Republic purchase from last year, made of Genuine Italian Fabric, does not clean well) and it's starting to smell weird, but I didn't realize till it was too late to get it dry cleaned, so that's why I had to buy a new suit.

I went to The Limited because I've always been pleased with their suiting (except when I gained 20 pounds and couldn't fit into even their biggest size), but I had no coupons and there was no "buy jacket get pants free!" sale, so I was kind of panicking.  With moving expenses this month I really can't afford to spend $300 on anything.  So I sucked it up and scoured the sale racks. 

I despise sale racks -- in my younger days I only bought clothes on sale, but when I got a job and a bank account I realized that I had a lot of ill-fitting clothes in my closet that I didn't really like that much.  So now I rarely look at the sale racks.  I think it actually saves me money because I'm never tempted to buy some floral, sparkly halter top just because it's 40% off of already marked down prices and therefore I should get it "just in case".  But I guess sometimes it can pay off, because I found a lovely elbow-length black jacket with a little ruffle on the collar and a tie around the waist in my size for about 50% off.  The only problem was I didn't see any skirts that matched it.  Thank goodness for smart salespeople. 

"Let me teach you a little trick," the young, possibly anorexic man in the plunging v-neck told me when he noticed I was looking perplexed.  "See this tag that reads 'Collection'?  Anything in the store with that tag is made of the same material, so you can always mix and match."

Isn't that nifty?

They only had one black skirt to match, but it was just fine.  In the end I spent about $140, which still hurts but is much more manageable than a full  priced suit. 

Also, The Limited has a bridal collection, and this is what I want to wear if I get married this summer (dangit, it's totally on sale now! Must resist urge to buy for just-in-case purposes):

Oh, and one more thing.  Sassy Marmalade made these cards for us to hand out to people on the Metro:

If one of us should hand you a card, don't be offended. We really just want to help all burgeoning fashionistas flourish in this cut-throat town, one coat/skirt tack at a time.


  1. You're just too silly. Don't buy the dress.. you'll be mad when a cuter one comes out next year... and what if your future guy doesn't like that style? :)

    And those cards, you're funny.

  2. Wedding information was a bit random, but thanks I needed that! ;)

  3. @Joanna: You know it's wedding season, right? (Oh, wait, of COURSE you do!) I'm in a wedding in September and the bestie just got engaged, so I've been tasked to look at wedding gowns. Not deranged bridezilla wannabe but rather devoted friend/bridesmaid (for the SEVENTH time).

  4. You're hilarious. I personally see no problem with buying that dress, ya know, just in case. ;)

  5. O-M-G...and I have never meant that more empaticaly than at this very moment! I was thinking about the little "Xs" just the other day...even considered writing a blog about it! Having worked at Banana and learning that those little "x"s are, in fact, meant to be snipped, I've developed a very keen eye for spotting them. When I see some sad soul sporting one (wow, I just pulled off five "s" words!), I always want to gently tap them on their shoulder and share the news. I have yet to say something, mainly out of sheer terror...hey, you never know what's going on with a person these days.

    Anyway, I applaud your wonderful cards, and more specifically, your mission to help the fashion ignorant. Bless you! :-)

  6. Yay!!! So happy you found a place! Can't wait to hear more about it. And, double yay for losing 14 pounds since February! I feel like a great summer awaits you! xoxo

  7. I hope the move-in went well!