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Cutest Redhead in DC Contest (vote for me! vote for me!)

Mar 14, 2011

The Contest: Metromix's Cutest Redhead Contest 2011

The Stakes: $100 to Red Velvet Cupcakery

The Benefit to Voting for Moi: I will use my giftcard to purchase $100 worth of Red Velvet cupcakes and make delicious goodie bags for my launch party. 

Launch party?  Oh yes, I'm putting it down in writing.  I'm redesigning Cupcakes and Shoes!  It's gonna be so great, y'all.  I met with a Web designer last week (more to come on her in a future post) and she so gets me.  But before the redesign begins, I'm going to have a photoshoot with the cherry blossoms!  I just love spring in DC. 

So, go to Metromix, vote for yours truly (No. 16), spread the word, and get a cupcake!

P.S. The voting process is *slightly* confusing.  Go to the end of the pictures and you'll have the option to vote.  I'm "Mary."  Why people insist on dropping the "El" I will never know, but if I win cupcakes I don't really care!


  1. I'm happy to report I was fully updated on your blog, even before I talked to you tonight. I double-checked. Also, can you schedule your launch party for April 30? Cause there's a good chance I'll be there then. And I know you can just schedule stuff around me ;)

  2. Just catching up on my Reader. Sorry that I miss the chance to vote for you. xoxo