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UPDATED (and the winner is...): Review (and Giveaway!): Batiste Dry Shampoo

Feb 17, 2011

This past fall I tried dry shampoo for the first time.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results and have been using it ever since.  But I have one complaint -- my hair still kind of smells.

So when I received two cans of Batiste in the mail to try, I was thrilled to see that their dry shampoo is scented.  Apparently this brand is popular in the UK but just made its way to the States.  It's a little more expensive than Tresemme, but the upside to Batiste is the light fragrances.

(By the way, the package was addressed to "Cupcakes and Shoes."  I still haven't thrown it away.)

Because they reached out to me to try out the product, I figured I had to really put it to the test, so I decided to go a full business week without washing my hair.  This idea worked out well because I also happened to get sick that week and didn't feel like taking the time to wash, dry, and style my hair.  It just takes too long...which is why I started using dry shampoo in the first place. 

So two Saturdays ago I washed my hair and didn't get it wet again till Thursday night (the idea of dirty hair finally got to me and I caved).  That was five straight days, which is almost a full business week.  The first two days my hair was okay, but by day three I needed the dry shampoo.  Not only does my hair get oily, in the wintertime I get dandruff because of the dry air.  Batiste is heavier than Tresemme, but I liked it because it seemed to soak up more of the grossness, and after I brushed it out I didn't notice much -- if any -- dandruff.  Plus I smelled like a petunia!

So you can see with your own eyes, I took pictures of clean hair vs. Batiste hair on Day 5:

Clean hair (OMG do I have a lazy eye?)

Dirty Hair
(My eye looks more normal here.  Maybe I shouldn't try to be funny in pictures, huh?)

As you can see...the lighting is different and I'm not a great photographer.  But I think you can tell that my hair doesn't look all that bad on Day 5.  And let me emphasize, that was FIVE DAYS of not washing my hair. 

In light of this suddenly warm weather, I'm very much looking forward to using this in between washes, especially when I'll be *ahem* glowing all day.

You can buy it on their websiteUlta, Sally Beauty Supply, and other retailers.  They even have a 1.6 fl. oz size so you can take it on the plane with you -- VERY handy.  (Find them on Twitter at @BatisteHair.)

Want to try it before you buy it?  I have a can to give you!  Two ways to win:

1) Comment on any post on this blog and mention the Batiste Giveaway in parentheses.
2) Tweet about any post on Cupcakes and Shoes, and be sure to cc: @mepper and put "BG" in parentheses. 

I'll pick a winner at random and announce the winner in an update on this post next Friday, February 25th. The winner should send me her (or his!) address at so I can mail it on over. The more you comment/tweet the more chances you have to win! 

And the winner is....

C aka Everyday Mommy!  Email me your contact info by this Sunday and I'll drop the Batiste in the mail to you.  Let me know how you like it!


  1. Cleans your hair AND fixes lazy eyes. NICE!

  2. Oh! I've been wanting to try out dry shampoo for awhile, but I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on any one brand. Winning a freebie (Batiste Giveaway) would be a great way to check that off the list. :)

  3. So, I have a question ...

    You can go two days without washing ... I totally cannot. I'd have to use a dry shampoo on day two. Workable?

    And heck, because I can ... (Batiste Giveaway)!

  4. My hair is super thick and gets oily if I don't wash it everyday. I would LOVE to try this!(Batiste Giveaway)

  5. @Sarah My hair has curl in it, so it tends be drier than normal hair. Blessing and a curse!

  6. @meppers

    See, that's the stupid thing about my hair. Curly hair that gets oily overnight? WHAT GIVES?!

  7. I really need to start trying dry shampoo since on day 3 - my hair usually looks pretty frightening! Glad it worked so well! (Batiste Giveaway) :)

  8. I tried the TRESemme after your last review, and I actually really love the smell. But my hair still felt a little dirty by mid-day. So I'm up for trying something new. Even better if I win it! (Batiste Giveaway)

  9. Great review on dry shampoo and reposted it on my blog at! Thanks! and I will be out to purchase some soon =)

  10. I have not been impressed with the Tresemme dry shampoo at all (I think I am the only one). Super straight blond hair and bangs are challenging for dry shampoos so good to know there is a more powerful alternative out there.

    I don't have high hopes for anything working better than baby powder but the folks at (Batiste Giveaway)can feel free to give it a go!