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UPDATED: Just a little crush?

Feb 8, 2011

OMG Y'ALL.  I saw Henry Cavill's American cousin/twin/brother/clone on the Metro last night.  He got on where I got on, and he got off where I got off, in my neighborhood.  To be in the presence of one so good looking, I was obviously frozen in fear and could not muster up anything to say.  I mean, look at him!

Oh, my. Hell-O handsome!

I imagine Henry Cavill's DC lookalike also looks this way without a shirt on.

The man sword fights? I just don't know how you get any hotter.  Unless... are cast as Superman and therefore fulfill my Unicorn fantasy.

I spent the entire Metro ride trying to think up lines to get his attention.  I considered handing him my business card and saying, all cool and seductively, "Call me."  I thought about giving up my seat so I could stand next time him and fall into his arms when the train halted.  I thought about pushing the blonde who was actually standing next to him off the train at the next stop.  But I knew I wouldn't speak up, and I knew I was passing by the closest opportunity I'd ever have to meeting Henry Cavill.

As I relayed this to The Roomie tonight, she suggested, "You should've said, 'You look like my favorite actor. Want to buy me a drink?'"

So simple, yet so genius!  But I'm wondering, how would a guy really respond to that?  And what do I do if he says yes? 

I realize I'm crazy.  But not any more so than most girls.  Case in point -- and, fellas, I could really use some male advice on this one...

My friend K and I spent New Year's Eve together this year.  Unlike last year, where I got called a prostitute and the night was overall kind of a disaster, I opted for a party with 60 of K's acquaintances at Vinoteca.  $85 got us Vinoteca's hors d'Ĺ“uvres, an open bar with three minutes or less wait time, and a DJ spinning Top 40 hits and throwback jams, like every song off of "Jock Jams," you know, the good stuff from high school (if you graduated in the late '90s). 

You may remember K from a while back -- we both broke up with our guys the same week then thought it would be a good idea to go out in public and ended up crying through our meal.  I've known K since high school, and I was sad to see her sad, but her guy was making her compromise who she was to be with him, and that was worse.  On New Year's Eve I saw the old K in action -- all dressed up, dancing, laughing, flirting with the DJ...

This isn't terrible, flirtng is fine.  I always flirt with bartenders.  Do I date them?  No.  That's what your early 20s are for.  Once you hit your late 20s/early 30s you have to date men with boring real jobs, like attorneys and analysts, who can provide emotional and financial stability. 

I recently taught K how to use Twitter, so after a night of dancing, finding out all we could about DJ Cutie Pants, and talking smack about the girl with the pixie haircut who was also flirting with him, we walked back to my place and looked him up online.  His picture looked AWFUL, like he hadn't slept in days and he had the flu and he had been drained of blood by a vampire.  But that couldn't tarnish the image K had of him in her mind.

I didn't know K was still thinking about him until this past weekend when we went to Napoleon for another night of dancing.  We asked the DJ to play a couple of songs, but that reminded K of DJ Cutie Pants and she began pining after him.  So I asked our DJ if he knew DJ Cutie Pants.  He did, and he borrowed my phone to tweet him right there, from my Twitter account.  I'm not sure what good that did, but DJ Cutie Pants did tweet with K and me some that night and told us to come see him the next time he played.  Unfortunately we'll both be out of town for a friend's bachelorette party that weekend.  That night, after we went to our respective homes (and after I gave my number to the bartender...whoops), I went to sleep, but K apparently stayed up to do a little research.

The next morning I noticed a text from her, sent at 3:40 a.m. "DJ Cutie Pants is playing in Richmond this weekend.  Let's go!"

On the one hand, I'm thrilled K is back in the saddle, even if that saddle is on a rabid horse that probably needs to be put down ASAP.  But Richmond?  If we show up in Richmond -- which is two hours away -- won't he find that a little odd?  K says no because in the DJ community people travel all the time to see these shows.  My argument is, since when are we part of the DJ community?

On the other hand, if anyone understands boy crazy, it's me.  That bartender was really hot -- forget stability!

So, dear readers, what should we do?


The tally, including blog comments, Facebook comments, and tweets was: GO TO RICHMOND-6, DON'T GO TO RICHMOND-7.5 (guys's votes counted 1.5, at K's recommendation).  That was a lot closer than I thought it would be, actually.   

If that weren't enough, I just got word that DJ Cutie Pants posted on his Facebook this morning that he's in a relationship.

Aaaaaand...shut it down.


  1. I heart Henry Cavill. :)

    And, NO! K and you should NOT drive to Richmond. I think that is creepy. I do think you should find out when Cutie Pants is back in DC and go see him then.

  2. If it were me, I wouldn't go because I'd feel I would seem too desperate, but since it's not me and I want to see where this leads.. I say GO GO GO! :D

  3. Argh, would be a GREAT story ... but I gotta say that I think it sounds way, way too desperate. If it were just Leesburg? Fine. But Richmond? That screams "easy"!

    As for the bartender ... it worked for Miranda!

  4. 'You look like my favorite actor. Want to buy me a drink?' I am a guy, I would reply with "Do I want to BUY you a drink? Seriously? But I will have a drink with you." And even then if she is hot enough to have such a huge ego and dumb enough to say such a stupid thing. Depending on my mood though, really, I would probably be so turned off on being ask if I wanted to BUY you a drink that I was just blow you off. You should get over yourself. You would think having no luck with men would put you in your place.

  5. First time reading your blog, gotta say, that story was pretty entertaining.

    Guys generally love it when women approach them. It's flattering and a big ego boast.

    On the other hand, there's a very fine line between flattering and stalker. That line is different for each guy, but traveling to another city to see a guy that you just met is probably crossing that line for most guys.

  6. I once went to California to chase a boy I met in a bar. It was one of the most awkward weekends of my life, but I got to see California for the first time, so I wouldn't change it if I had to do it over again. A little desperate seeming? Maybe. Will it make for a great story if you go together? Always. And you never know what types of analysts/accountants will be there. They like to have fun too.

  7. @Anonymous Are you sure you're not just threatened by how hot Henry Cavill looks without his shirt on? I do thank you for the advice though. I would never be able to be that forward with any guy, although I'd like to think I could. However, I guarantee if The Roomie used that line it would work wonders for her.

  8. OMG!!! I love Henry Cavill so much. He's the whole reason I even watched The Tudors. Love, love, love, love, love, love HIM!!!!!
    And, you should go together to Richmond... just for fun. Forget the DJ though, and just have a girls' getaway.

  9. First off ... Roomie is a genius. However, she also has loads of confidence and really, who is going to tell her no?

    If it were me, I'd switch the "want to buy me a drink?" with "Can I buy you a drink?"

    The boys I asked last night said they'd be caught off guard, and intrigued by a girl who offered. They THEN said it would open the door to a playful "next time, it's your turn to pay" at the end of the night being well received. Bam, date #2.

    So yah ... there's that.

    As for driving to Richmond. BAD IDEA. Seriously, take it from me ... someone who's driven may hundreds of miles to see shows ...

    1. The people who travel for shows as part of the circut ALL KNOW EACH OTHER. Or at least can recognize each other. You two will very clearly be new, which arouses suspicion.

    2. I once went to San Diego to see a band perform that I'd first seen in LA. Yes, the guitarist was HOT. No, I did not go just to see him again. I honestly really liked their music and show, and wanted to see it again. Everyone (including the gutarist) assumed I was there to see him. It SCREAMED desperate. We, of course, laugh at it now ... mostly because it was all a big misunderstanding, and we've since become friends.

    So yah ... I agree with MMullineaux ... next time he's in DC? Fair game. But keep it local for a while.

  10. Isn't there a term for this... Chicken-head. You want some who is stable; banker, attorney, doctor but your still chasing after a dj. By your thirtys you should have enough stories about chasing djs and bartenders. Be smart, make a list of all your guy friends and/or family who are successful and ask them to set you up with a friend. The kind of guys you want to meet don't hang out in bars on weekdays. They're busy, they work hard during the week, they play ball on the weekends, go out with their "friends" and watch sports. Be direct. I want xyz, do you know some one like this. Its basically networking for love. Its not romantic but you won't be 35 chasing after a dj while looking for an attorney.

  11. Yes to Richmond. Enough context to mollify the stalking concerns.

  12. @Anonymous I'm not chasing after a DJ! Did I not communicate this clearly? My friend K, who is recently single and probably just wants to have a little fun, is chasing after a DJ. I am the wing girl/moral supporter. For the record, I do not condone chasing after DJs, bartenders, or the likes. As I stated, I think we should be going after guys with jobs similar to ours.

  13. Oh wow, okay. So I know on Twitter I said GO FOR IT. You only live once. But yeah, at the time I didn't have the whole story. Driving ALL THE WAY to Richmond to see some guy who will know you drove ALL THE WAY to Richmond just for him when your friend barely knows him just doesn't seem like the right course of action. Let him ask her out, and take her out, somewhere where SHE LIVES and is convenient FOR HER if he really likes her. I don't care how cute he is. Oh and honey, bartenders are RISKY BUSINESS, but if you can truly bag one, they are usually hot, experienced, fun and give you all your drinks for free. Just sayin'...T.

  14. P.S. I just read the comments after i wrote mine. Wow. That guy who wrote "You should get over yourself. You would think having no luck with men would put you in your place." Geez. What a d-bag. And an anonymous d-bag at that. Soooo easy to criticize from behind an anonymous mask. Show your face buddy. I wonder how his love life is b/c unless he's married to a model people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Also...clearly you were just being silly and girly and wanting to be bold and full of gumption and say something cute and flirty to a hot guy on the metro and were considering what that might have been. Whats wrong with fantasizing and joking about that? Go on with your bad self girl. Dont let the anonymous man bring you down. -T.

  15. BUMMER!!! My vote was going to be go for it. But great that y'all found out first that he's in a relationship. That could have been awkward otherwise... haha Love this story!