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Calling all Singles! I've got your V-Day plans right here.

Feb 10, 2011

If you're single, I figure you have three options this Valentine's Day.

1) Mope. 

2) Not care, act as if it is any other day.

3) Go to the "Meet My Friend" happy hour being hosted by A Single Girl Doing Single Things!

Here are the deets (from the Facebook invite):

This month's "meet my friend" happy hour will take place on Monday, February 14th 6:00pm-8:00pm (that's right--- Valentine's Day). And there will be even more singles than last time. As promised, I worked hard to get us drink and food specials. Below are the details.

Because James Hobin worked so well last time, and they thought we were a great group, the manager contacted me and asked us to partner with them to host a singles...
Valentine's Day event. I agreed, as long as they offered us some sweet deals. Which she happily agreed to do:

FREE appetizer buffet until 8pm
Extended happy hour drinks until 9pm, including:

$4 draft beer
$5 imported draft beer
$3 domestic bottled beer
$ imported bottled beer
$4 rail mixed drinks
$4 chardonnay/ cabernet
$5 absolute martinis (including my speciality drink called "A single girl")

In addition to the drink and food specials, Hobins will have various raffles and other "games" throughout the night to win free drinks, gift certificates, etc. And they are still determining whether or not to have a live band...

Bottom line: If you come to my happy hour, you will be happy that you are single this Valentine's Day!

So, please RSVP is you have not done so already (either by sending me an email, or directly through this facebook event). Invite all of your awesome single friends and get ready for a fun night!

If you decide to go with options 1 or 2, know that you're in good company, i.e., Liz Lemon.


  1. That video is pretty fab. If any singles are reading this and it makes you feel better, my boyfriend and I are doing NOTHING for Valentine's Day (we have to work/apart) and two of my coworkers, a girl with a boyfriends and a guy with a wife all think VDay is stupid too. So yeah, screw Vday. Happy Anna Shaw Day to us all! -T.

  2. You are the BEST! Thank you for posting about the happy hour! Here is to drinking too much with a bunch of fun singles!

  3. @Toddy Can you come to the HH? You can play wing girl!