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Cold legs begone

Jan 18, 2011

I am soooooo sick of wearing the same five pairs of pants.  My winter wardrobe, while it started out fun and frisky with fur and cozy knits, has become Frump A Lish Ous.  During the summer I wear skirts or little dresses almost every day, but the one day this winter that I wore a skirt, someone threw away a blinking Christmas ornament in the trashcan at my Metro stop and it was shut down so the bomb squad could check it out.  So I walked to work, and my knees felt like they were bleeding by the time I arrived. 

The Roomie's mom works in Wisconsin, so this Christmas she got some wonderful winter apparel items, including fleece tights.  These tights are fleece lined, guaranteed to prevent frostbitten knees.  But when we Googled the brand, we couldn't find them anywhere but Wisconsin.  East Coast girls get cold too!

Lucky for you I became obsessed and have researched the item -- and others -- in hopes of feeling feminine this winter.  Because as much as I'd like to tell myself spring is right around the corner, the reality is we're barely a month into winter. 


My pick: Plush.  Their motto is "Stay warm and stylish."  Trust me, these tights are amazing!  But if you prefer something not so thick, try these wool-blend ribbed tights from J. Crew


One day The Roomie was wearing her rubber boots and I noticed they had a cute little fur cuff.  Immediately I thought, Where do I get those?!  Turns out they weren't adorable boots, they were smart, furry little socks!  These were yet another treat her mom had sent.  But on a trip to Marshall's I found some identical ones for $7!  I luuuuuuuuuuuurv my Uggs (don't even try to tell me how ugly they are, I don't care!), but if we ever actually get snow this year, rubber boots are much better to snowball fight in.  And now my toes will stay warm and dry. 

Speaking of Uggs, don't forget to weather treat yours!  A can of suede waterproofing spray is only $10 at Nine West and well worth the investment. 

If only they were acceptable to wear to social events...


  1. Anthropologie - fleece-lined tights "only" $18, not quite Marshall's but also not how much you'd think when you think anthro.

  2. Really?! Where? I checked the website and couldn't find any. Any excuse to go to Anthropologie is good for me.

  3. Yesss! I'm so sick of wearing pants and my current tights aren't doing anything by way of warmth. Thanks for the reccs!

  4. Oooh, I'm excited to try these out! I've been needing some new tights.