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Jan 4, 2011

That's right.  Given a choice between chocolate and a boy I'd choose chocolate.

Of course the quality of the chocolate must be high, specifically Co Co. Sala grade.

And the boy must be mildly obnoxious, specifically asking me over Twitter if I'd like to meet for a drink sometime then taunting me with threats of taking my Foursquare mayorship at Co Co. Sala.

It all began innocently enough in mid-December:

HealthByChad: Christmas came early; @mepper is following me.

I followed him because he'd commented on my tweets before and his foodie blog looked interesting.  Of course the flattery was engaging so I began to pay more attention to him.

Then later that evening:

HealthByChad: @mepper is the mayor here? Interesting. (@ Co Co. Sala)

I mistook this comment as more flattery.  Heck yeah I'm the mayor there!  Jealous?

Then, after posting about possibly finding a unicorn and tweeting about possibly going speed dating and inviting him along, he wrote this:

HealthByChad: @mepper I have a cooking class/lecture that will be ending at 7:30 so can't make it. Besides, it sounds like you're already taken, so what's the use? ;-<

Aww.  Pull at my heart strings whydontcha?

A few more tweets about how maybe we should meet up, talk about the nonexistence of unicorns, yadda yadda yadda...and then this:

HealthByChad: I noticed last week when I was at cocosala that you were mayor. Hate to tell you, but that's mine as of tonight....or maybe tomorrow.

That's curious.  Guys go to Co Co. Sala?  And actually try to compete with me for the mayorship?

And then...last night...THIS:

HealthByChad: I just ousted @mepper as the mayor of Co Co. Sala on @foursquare!


DateMeDCBlog: @healthbychad ousted @mepper as mayor of @cocosala? Oh, here go hell come!

HealthByChad: I noticed @mepper was mayor last time I was there. It's time for some new blood now @cocosala

CoCoSala: We love all 3 of u & have enough #chocolate 4 all!

Me: @healthbychad OH HEEEEEEEEEEEELL NO.

HealthByChad: I tried to tell you. It's not really my fault, I like choco.

As this all went down, I was at my friend's apartment finishing up a lovely dinner.  This morning I had a tweet alert on my phone, from her:

 SangBoo: @mepper had crazy eyes when she found out she was ousted. @healthbychad #shesgoingtogoblackSwanonyou

(Twitter tip for those who don't use Twitter: That last part is what's called a "hashtag."  When you put the "#" sign in front of a word or phrase it hyperlinks so when you click on it you can join the conversation about that word or phrase, and sometimes it will become a trending topic.  So SangBoo categorized her tweet under "She's Going to Go Black Swan on You," and rightly so.  I suddenly have chocolate covered bacon growing out of my back.)  

I had a happy hour planned this week with Ashmi (who is visiting from grad school), and we were going to try something new and go to the Ritz.  But once I explained to her the chocolate war situation, she understood why we had to change the venue. 

As for my new get-in-shape plan?  As Sassy Marmalade pointed out, "Running can wait."

HealthByChad, IT'S ON.  


  1. @HealthByChad stole my Dino mayorship (which I guess was fair play as I stole it from him) but he stole it back like just an hour later. The man takes mayorship freaking seriously.

  2. What. The heck. @floridagirlindc, I think retaliation is highly in order!

  3. I'm ordering "Team Mepper" t-shirts asap.

  4. Well, I'm flattered. I should warn you though, I take my chocolate quite seriously. So serious in fact that I hold classes on the tempering of chocolate, the benefits of raw chocolate, and the history of chocolate. You're in deep water, Miss. Better make sure you can swim.
    FloridaGirl, I've conceded to share all CP mayorships with you, buddy.

  5. A good old fashioned twitter war. Love it! I hope you get your rightful place back soon. Funny post.


  6. Can't judge all boys by the actions of this "moron!" He comes across scared of a woman like you--determined-confident in what she wants and eloquent. He obviously isn't your "unicorn" material. You deserve better--and I'm digging your "can do" attitude! Maintain your gorgeous posture and like good art you'll become the rembrandt you were born to be!

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