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Wintry Things I Love

Dec 15, 2010

It was brought to my attention last night that I said I was going to begin blogging twice a week and didn't follow through.  Dangit.  I didn't think anyone was paying attention.

Well work has been nuts, and holiday parties/happy hours/man searches have kept me busy in the evenings.  And ever since I got Netflix streamed to my TV, I've become addicted to cancelled TV show "Veronica Mars" (not about a teenager with magical powers a la "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," as several of my friends and I thought and therefore never watched it, but rather about snarky teen detective).  And my dog ate my homework.  There.  I'm officially full of excuses.

So let's try this again.


Pantyhose and open toe shoes?  Faux Pas!!!  But what else am I supposed to do?  I have looked for shoes to go with this dress, trust me.  They are nowhere to be found.  So when I have to pray in front of the congregation (yes, pray, not say The Lord's Prayer or read a passage from 1 Corinthians, but say an actual prayer), I will be bearing my toes in the shoes I bought for Megan's wedding.  Oh well.  It can't be worse than when Liz Lemon had to speak at her ex's wedding.

Anyway, because I think we can safely say winter has arrived, here are my top 5 fave things about the season:

1) Cozy happy hours
-S'Mores by the Fire at the Ritz in Georgetown: free every night through the holidays from 6:30-7 p.m., yum!
-Clyde's: nice assortment of hot drinkies for $9.25 each (okay, not exactly a happy hour special, but still worth checking out and excellent after shopping off the Chinatown Metro)
-Co. Co Sala: In addition to the regular drink menu ($8 during happy hour), they've added Wild Winter (Wild Turkey Bourbon / House Spiced Apple Cider / Pecan Liqueur / Vanilla Bean Caramel) and Heavenly Hot Elixer (Dark Hot Chocolate / Grand Marnier / Courvoisier).  Or you can just get a hot chocolate flight (salted caramel is my favorite!).

2) The National Tree
I know it's shocking, but my family isn't big on Christmas, so I never had a Christmas tree growing up and I don't get all into tree decorating.  Still, nothing excites me more during the holidays than to go stare at the National Tree, see how the President decided to decorate it this year (yes, I fully believe he takes the time to thoughtfully design ornaments), and check out all the homemade ornaments from kids around the country on the smaller trees.

3) Puffy coats
When I complained about the impending cold, everyone told me to get one.  Did I?  No.  Did I grumble the entire way to work this morning when my Metro stop was shut down and I had to walk a mile in a non-winter appropriate skirt, pantyhose, and thin coat?  Duh.  (P.S. Turns out the Metro stop was shut down due to a suspicious red blinking light in a trashcan...and it turned out to be a Christmas ornament.  Gotta love the holidays in DC!)  I have a pink ski coat but must get a longer one with furry hood.  Any recommendations?

4) Peppermint everything
My fave new treats?  Peppermint Crunch Junior Mints and Chocolate Peppermint swizzle sticks (both can be found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, conveniently located next to Clyde's in Chinatown!).  I also love making Cocoa Rice Krispy Treats with crunched up candy canes mixed in.  And eating Candy Cane Joe Joe's at Trader Joe's. Mmmmm yumminess.

5) Snowball fights (OMG has it really been a year?!)
Caaaaaaaan't wait for this winter's tomfoolery!  Hopefully I don't get shot.

As for blogging twice a week, I will try my best.  But if you don't hear from me that often just know I've got lots of lame excuses. :)


  1. I LOVE Veronica Mars. So glad to hear you are liking it too! I'm so sad it got cancelled after only three seasons.

  2. I've been having the same inner monologue about a puffy coat this week! I've been wanting this one from Lands' End ( but in the week I've been thinking about it, they've sold out of it in black. :-/

  3. Argh, that was the wrong link. Actually love this one (;CM_MERCH=REC-_-FPPP-_-GGT-_-1-_-396593-_-396506) but they're both cute!

  4. Oh my gosh! I love your blog! I found it through Co Co Sala's FB post about you. I wrote about them recently too. Also, I am from Atlanta as well. Can't believe how cold it is there. I am definitely now follow your blog.

  5. Whats wrong with open toed shoes and pantyhose? The look is fantastic! Don't listen to the fashion police, there wrong.

  6. Hey girl, sorry i couldn't make it out last night. I felt awful. I wanted to meet you guys and I'm sure it was my loss. I hate work. But I hate my student loans more. I thought the least I could do was comment on your recent posts. peppermint juniormints - egads! where are they! get me some now! Good for you for wearing cute stuff even though its cold out. I'm the girl wearing my nice work suit, long black wool coat and panty hoes with sneakers, yes my blaring white sneakers. Yes - i'm that girl! but I dont care. I like to power walk to and from the metro station and work and the bus stop and home. Thats how I keep warm and its not bad for the legs either. Cheers, T.