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My Fall Crush: Faux Fur

Oct 21, 2010

I have never been a fur fan.  When I used to play dress up at my grandmother’s I would put on her pelts, and I knew they were supposed to feel luxurious, but I just didn’t get it.  Fake fur was even worse –- it wasn’t that soft and was kind of itchy actually.  I’m sure growing up in the South had a lot to do with why I didn’t see the point; a Georgia winter requires little more than a thin, merino sweater and a lined wool coat. 
I don’t know if last winter’s blizzard changed my mind or if I’m just that influenced by Marie Claire and Ann Taylor LOFT, but by golly I’m a total fur convert (faux of course – no Nolis made into a coat for me thanks).  It's not scratchy anymore and feels so incredibly luxe.  Plus, if your workplace is ultra-conservative like mine, you'll have fun shocking onlookers wearing boring navy blue suits.  Here are some of my faves of the season (that are actually within my budget -- all under $100).
(I'm wearing it today in honor of this blog post)

What are your favorite fur finds? 


  1. Can I justify buying that Old Navy fur trench? Probably only if they have any other colors besides navy and black......Hmmmm.....Margaret's coat obsession is kicking in--AGAIN.

  2. Margels! The answer is YES. They have it in white and taupe!

  3. I have a horse hair belt. It's real hair. Nothing fake will ever touch my skin.

  4. Mary El: I have a lovely faux fur mink jacket that I worship and adore (yes, that is redundant). Also have a real one but that doesn't get out much. Try looking up Fabulous Furs on line-all of their lovely things are faux but don't look it at all. I am so NOT tempted to run, not walk, to Forever XXI to get those mangy boots. UGLY.

  5. I love the Old Navy trench. I have a fave vest with a faux-fur trimmed hood that I adore, but as I've said before, I'm a afraid the full-blown fur vest would just hang in my closet, unworn. Tell the truth - have you worn yours??

  6. So today one of my co-workers came back from her girls vacation in MD. We live in San Antonio. Everyone at work was (being nice)asking how her trip was and pretty much the story that I heard repeated about 5 times was one of fur. She was pretty much wierded out by her friend who wore fur everyday of the trip. She didn't understand. I love fur and I wish it was cold enough to wear it here but if I wore fur in my city people who probably try to commit me into a mental hospital as its been 80-100 degree weather year round. Funny thing is I'm going to MD. for the weekend and I wish I could rent fur because that is probably the only time I can wear it. Anyway- I love it all, but I've never worn it. Is it comfy? I heard its kinda scratchy on the skin.