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Dry Shampoo (You'll look better than Heidi Montag, I promise)

Oct 18, 2010

Former roommate Margaret recently suggested I do tips of the day.  I like this idea because it means I can blog more often since the posts will be shorter, and sometimes telling a story is daunting, especially when I have a lot going on (like this past month -- new job, new roommate, new apartment, new hairdo, new season, etc. etc. etc.). 

So I've decided to post tips twice a week, on Monday and on Thursday.  And if I happen to miss one day please forgive me and I promise to get something up quickly.  I'll still tell my stories -- wait till you hear about my recent move, it's a doosey -- but this way I can share some fun finds with you.

What I would like to highlight today is TRESemme Dry Shampoo.  Some people think it's disgusting to not wash your hair every day, but girls -- and Kody from "Sister Wives" --, it's a proven fact that washing every day dries out and weakens your hair.  Your natural oils are a wonderful conditioner, which is why Marsha Brady brushed her hair a hundred times every night. 

As a wavy-hair girl, I haven't washed my hair every day since high school when I began working at a salon and the stylists taught me how to work with my loose curls instead of straightening them every day.  I soon learned I only needed to wash my hair every 2-3 days.  For me, the problems with infrequent washing are flakes, oily feeling around my hairline, and oily hair smell. 

So I was shocked when my new roomie told me she washes her hair even less than I do -- only twice a week.  She uses a dry shampoo, and I'm not even kidding, her hair has incredible bounce and not a hint of grease in it every single day.  Except her brand is way expensive, and I was still skeptical about it after Heidi Montag's stint in "I'm A Celebrity! Get Me Out of Here!"  She swore by her dry shampoo and it was NOT doing amazing things for her hair.

AKA Why I Will Never Get Plastic Surgery

A few days ago when I saw an ad for TRESemme I figured I should give it a shot since it was around $5.  I last washed my hair on Sunday evening, so I should have washed it on Tuesday.  Instead, Wednesday morning I sprayed the dry shampoo on my roots and all over my hair to make it smell fresh.  The mist turned into a powder that must have soaked up the oil, because two minutes later when I brushed it out, the powder disappeared and my hair looked fresh. 

The fancy brand may be better, but for now I am quite pleased with the results. 

Now somebody please send Heidi a bottle.


  1. I feel like anyone who has tried dried shampoo now swears by it! That's awesome that it works. My hair is wavy/curly and naturally really dry, so my hair looks best 2-3 days after washing it. I could never wash my hair everyday, it would not look good! That picture of Heidi is ridiculous. lol.

  2. I love my new name: "Former roomate Margaret." Sounds depressingly formal. :( But I LOVE the post! I'll have to try that stuff! :)

  3. I will try a dry shampoo. You know that some Chinese women have to listen to their silly moms and not shower for 30-40 days after giving birth to a baby. And my cousin actually did it. She tried a different dry shampoo and it didn't work. I will try your brand and hope that it works.

  4. I love dry shampoo, though my hair is fine and I can't go quite as long without shampooing. I have a bottle of expensive Bumble & Bumble, but I swear that plain ole baby powder works even better!

  5. 30-40 days? After GIVING BIRTH?! Now THAT would make an interesting blog post.

  6. I bought this over the weekend on your recommendation and tried it today (I know, it's Monday and I should have washed my hair, but I just washed it last night). Anyway, I'm loving it so far! I especially love how it smells. Keep the recommendations coming!

  7. Flour also works better than most dry shampoos I've tried