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You Never Know Who's Reading Your Stuff

Sep 15, 2010

I'm not a superstar blogger, but I have to say a lot of people I don't know or wouldn't expect read my blog.  Every time someone tells me, "I love your blog!" I am surprised.  Whether it be someone I've never met or the mom of the girl I used to babysit (who's now in college in DC -- yikes I'm old!), I'm beginning to realize anyone could be reading this...and my Twitter, and my Facebook, and my Foursquare, and let's not get started on the embarrassment that is Google (please do not ever read a certain CD review I wrote about a certain Latin popstar who had a certain mole removed). 

Case in point: Dreamboat.  Remember him?  He was a blip on my screen and quickly moved across the world, so I didn't think I'd ever speak to him again.  And then this past weekend I get this:

sorry to hear about Cute Guy. :) stop crying! you are pretty and nice and witty and interesting. you will find someone else. and someone better than that. there, i said all that i was supposed to say. (well, it was true, so i don't feel cheesy.)

He reads my blog???  (Hi, Dreamboat!)  (Also, thank you for telling me I'm pretty.)

And who could forget Sidekick, the guy I met one night who went to extreme measures to find me then mass forwarded my blog to his hater friends?  I published 43 comments and got many others that were unpublishable.  Wowza.

On the flipside of this, I stupidly, STUPIDLY announced via Foursquare, which transmitted to Twitter, that I was in the DCA airport and then in the ATL airport.  And my bike got stolen, right off my balcony.  That was some serious maneuvering by the bike thief.  Also makes me really nervous to be living in my already lemon of an apartment. 

In loving memory of my pretty, pretty Schwinn. (Yes, that is a dog in my shirt.)

(In case you are wondering, I'm getting a new pretty Schwinn once I move, so take note, bike thief! My apparently easily accessible balcony will remain barren and you won't know where I live!)  (I would really love to know how someone knew where I lived.  SUPER creepy.  Although I guess it is possible it was random, but I'm now thinking you can't be too safe with this stuff.)

I was equally creeped out when I recently received a text message from some guy who follows me on Foursquare: "You seem cool and go to hip places.  Creepy but what's social networking for?"

Since when is Foursquare handing out my phone number?!  It's really, really time for me to take a look at my security settings on everything. 

Today I read an article on Yahoo! that gives some seemingly obvious social media safety tips.  I was guilty of two of the no nos, maybe three.  Arm yourselves, social media peeps! 


  1. Oh no! So sorry stolen bike :( This is exactly why I have not touched Foursquare. I think the whole thing is creppy, and I've slowly started blocking followers on my Twitter, and I'm de-friending folks on Facebook who I don't really know. It's unfortunate that some folks are so creepy. Definitely check on those settings!

  2. Thanks Stef, it creeped me out more than anything! Doing a Facebook purge this weekend!